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P140-M river project collapses 2 days before completion deadline


SAN SIMON, Pampanga — Some 95 meters of a P140-million concrete slope project along the Pampanga River here collapsed two days before its slated completion last June 21.

District engineer Lita Manalo said, however, that the contractors of the 300-meter projects have already dispatched workers and machinery to repair the breach even before the onset of heavy rains.

The concrete slope project was awarded as joint undertaking of the Ferdstar Builders and DL Cervantes Construction.

In an interview, DL Construction owner Diosdado Cervantes said that while the project was a joint undertaking, it was Ferdstar which actually built the dike.

“There should be no worry about the project because the builders are under contract with the government to repair it,” Cervantes said.

He also cited reports that the rains on the day the project was damaged was reported to have been unusually heavy and that the rain occurred even before its cement was able to fully dry and strengthen.

Manalo cited initial findings indicating that the base of the concrete was heavily saturated with water and created a huge vacuum that led to the collapse.

She also said engineers are looking into the possibility of a pipe leak under the concrete.

Manalo said the contractors would do the repair without any cost to the government.


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