Monday, September 20, 2021

QCinema Partners with KTX for 2021 Edition

Press release

With the pandemic far from over and cinemas still closed, QCinema International Film Festival jump cuts the challenges and proceeds again with a hybrid festival. 

4 Popular Types of Industrial Real Estate Properties in the Philippines

Guest Content Article

Traditionally, real estate, being a fixed asset, has been considered as one of the most stable and predictable economic sectors, with not much drastic movements and developments over the course of many years. However, in recent years, a number of disruptions have led to massive changes in property trends, specifically in industrial real estate. Apart from the boom of Internet technology and digital communication, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has been another major factor in transforming the landscape of industrial real estate in the Philippines today.   

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil gives ending to cancelled series ‘Make it right’

Arci Pineda

LIZA SOBERANO and Enrique Gil imagine what would have happened to their characters, Billie and Gabo, at the ending of their romance series, Make It With You.

Ing ‘Poor Boy’ ning Lubao

Felix Garcia

BULAN ning Setyembre, Caduang pulu’t walung aldo king bilang na, Banua ning Mengabus, Libu siam a ralan, apulu ing petsa; Carin San Nicolas Ning balayan Lubao macalmang linto ya Lalam nang bubungan Ning metung a dampang meging carinan da Ding pamilyang PANGAN Ampon MACAPAGAL king panaun a ita, Iting parangalan A meging mapuring Anak ning Pampanga.