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From Past to Present: Post-Credit Footage Reveals Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 to Unfold in Contemporary Seoul


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Gyeongseong Creature returns with an enthralling second season, extending its narrative from the tumultuous spring of 1945 to the bustling streets of 2024 Seoul. This continuation, set against the backdrop of monstrous creations born from human greed, further entwines the fates of Jang Tae-sang and Yoon Chae-ok.

Season 2 takes a dramatic leap through time, as revealed in the intriguing post-credit footage of Season 1. In this pivotal scene, a character called “Ho-jae”, bearing a striking resemblance to Jang Tae-sang, turns to reveal a mysterious scar, igniting a flurry of questions about his identity and the scar’s origin. This moment is a gateway to the series’ time travel element, transitioning the setting to Seoul of 2024. The released stills amplify the mystery, capturing Chae-ok at a critical juncture and suggesting a season brimming with enigmatic events and connections. Director Chung Dong-yoon shares his vision for this new chapter, stating, “Season 2 presents a story with a completely different charm. The change in space and time period will provide a clear distinction, offering an expanded universe feel.”

Season 1 captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of period drama and fantastical elements, earning high praise from international media. CNN hailed it as “[it] deserves to be a monster hit,” while TIME magazine noted, “it is also about the world we live in today.” Just 3 days after release, Season 1 gained a spot in the Global TOP 10(Non-English) to rise up to the third place and appear in the TOP 10 list of 69 countries across the globe including Brazil, Japan, Singapore, France, and Australia.

The suspense around the series is further fueled by the cliffhanger from Season 1’s finale and the anticipation of how the characters’ narratives will evolve. Actors, including Park Seo-jun and Han So-hee, have hinted at the deeper character developments and emotional depth of the upcoming season, continuing its legacy as a global sensation and delving into the mysteries of time travel and destiny.

Gyeongseong Creature Season 2, set to premiere exclusively on Netflix, is all poised to reveal a larger, more dynamic story.


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