Lady chemist drowns in coal-fired power plant


    MARIVELES, Bataan- A 25-year-old lady chemist of the GN Power Plant here drowned after she fell while collecting water samples in the mini-hydro compound of the coal-fired plant at about 11 a.m. Monday.

    Police identified the victim as environmental specialist Jhana Rose Corpuz of Barangay Cupang West, Balanga City. Investigation showed the victim was walking down towards the spill wall in the mini-hydro compound of the power plant in Barangay Alas-Asin to get water samples when she accidentally slipped and fell down the water.

    Insp. Janice Piga, provincial police information officer, cited a report that said the chemist swiftly sank due to the strong water current. Rescue workers of the plant conducted search and rescue operations and minutes after found the unconscious body of the victim near the jetty area where ships unload, some 300 meters away from where she fell.

    Rescue medics of the power plant brought the victim to the Maheseco Hospital in downtown Mariveles but an attending physician declared her dead on arrival. Parents of the victim refused to give any comment, the father merely saying that victim was the eldest among his children.

    This correspondent went to the plant site but failed to contact any official.


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