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Insurance group joins protest vs PMVIC


ANGELES CITY – The surge of complaints against the private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVIC) is snowballing into a tsunami of protests as the Angeles City Insurance Association (ACIA) is also raising a howl and joined Monday’s simultaneous nation-wide motorcade-protest against it.

The ACIA sent a manifesto to the media on Monday protesting their non-inclusion into the new vehicle registration process which means that they have been unceremoniously left out and new insurance companies have been set up in the Land Transportation Officeaccredited PMVIC here.

“We, the Small Insurance Business Owners group joined the private vehicle owners and transport groups nationwide motorcade of protest against the [PMVICwhich is also catering CTPL insurance which directly affecting our businesses, most of our client we refer to QWIK (PMVIC) to undergo testing return to our office with CTPL insurance already issued by them, the worse is several times our clients had already attached Certificate of Cover yet they issued another CTPL Insurance, the group said.

We appeal to the local government to protect us ‘The Small Insurance Business Owners Group ‘from the manipulation happening inside the QWIK PMVIC as regards with the issuance of CTPL insurance, let the council hear our side after hearing QWIK PMVIC side this morning, or better yet, let us have a confrontation dialog with QWIK (PMVIC) at the city council regarding this matter, it added.

The Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance is mandated by the LTO for all motor vehicle owners. The CTPL is required to protect from any possible liability for a third party caused bodily injury and/or death in an accident arising from the use of the motor vehicle.

The manifesto was signed by the ACAI.

Geron Masangke, designated spokesman of the Dau, Mabalacat City insurance group and ACAI member, said private vehicle owners are paying double for their CTPL insurance since the PMVIC is also requiring them to get CTPL insurance from their own accredited insurance companies even if they are already covered.

Worse, Masanke said, private vehicles still have to undergo emission testing because the PMVIC report is not yet recognized by the LTO computer system. So, after getting the PMVIC report, they still have to undergo emission testing from LTO accredited emission centers so that it can be recognized by the LTO computer system and be registered.

Masangke said in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government should be sensitive to the plight of the people instead of raising the fees for vehicle registration.

A motorist in Monday’s nationwide protest said the government should be the one to help lift the burden off the shoulders of the people instead of adding to it.


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