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He should be one of the best in our motherland


POSSIBLY even if our dear president
Has apologized for ‘hurting words’ he uttered
About the two tycoons saying all his dislikes
Against them in public has shown how he behaves

For just simply had not responding to their help
In fighting the Covid-19 he humiliates
The two famous tycoons for not giving their shares,
It may not be proper as sitting president.

Even during his four years in service he used
To throw out MVP with some unpleasant words
And the Ayalas for we may say numerous
Reasons that may sometimes possibly overlooked.

But, usually he used to ask apology
To whom he said bad words, (especially Manny)
And, afterwards it’s also Digong Duterte
Who in return always could say “I’m sorry”.

The said two billionaires remained calm and silent
For whatever ‘hurting words’ our president
Had lashed to them being the head of government,
As long as (usually) the same they could managed.

It’s his mannerism of being hot headed
And there’s sometimes he can’t likely control himself,
But what most important is that our president
Can easily turn back and admits his mistake.

Presently, he threatens to declare martial law
Against all unusual happenings as of now,
There’s the NPA and Abu in Mindanao,
That may possibly lead an act of subversion.

And, since there is also a possibility
That once his six year terms ended, he is likely
To face charges in court, he must now this early,
Prepare for himself that he can do easily.

It is well known that he threatens to declare
A revolutionary government at once
The lawless doings of our other officials
Under his mandate be proven in existence.

He must always aware of the continuing
Attempt of enemies this early disclosing
Their unjust motives and plans to overthrow him
So they shall be again the so called King and Queen.

And, considering that he may likely be jailed
For what his opponent accused the president
Of being a violator of human rights,
Once it has been proven, that is their main target.

So, what we can advise to Mr. Duterte
Is that to think the best to evade and surely
Be spared out of the so called temporary
Home of unluckily had pawned their liberty.

At this point even if it’s unsolicited
Advice, I humbly offer to the president:
Be cautious always on words he used to said
So that he could avoid any further mistake.

Being our highest officer of the land
He should be the best example of a man
Of honor and that who can better stands
As one of our best in our motherland!


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