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Controversial ex-CA justice missing in Pampanga


Ex-CA Justice Normandie Pizarro. Photo from the web/CTTO

His decision freed former Palawan Gov. Joel Reyes who was accused of the murder of environmentalist and broadcaster Gerry Ortega.

He penned the ruling which acquitted Janet Lim Napoles of serious illegal detention in May 2017.

He also penned the ruling that nullified a Hawaii court decision that granted $2 billion worth of damages to victims of the Martial Law period.

He was found by the Supreme Court guilty of conduct unbecoming of a member of the judiciary, and ordered to pay a fine of P100,000 arising from a complaint that he frequented casinos.

Controversies seem to have continued to hound former Court of Appeals Justice Normandie Pizarro after he was declared missing by police authorities Wednesday.

Pampanga provincial police OICdirector Col. Andres Simbajon, Jr., said Thursday that trackers teams have fanned out across the province and nearby areas including Metro Manila in search of Pizarro or get any information on his sudden disappearance.

Simbajon said Pizarro’s family sought the help of Pampanga police and the National Bureau of Investigation after his car, an old model Honda Accord, was found abandoned in a remote area along Manabak Road, Barangay San Juan in San Simon, Pampanga Wednesday evening. 

Bloodstains were noticed inside the car when checked by investigators led by San Simon police chief Major Greg Santos.  

Samples of blood specimens lifted from the abandoned car were submitted to the Regional Crime Laboratory Office at Camp Olivas to determine if the blood belonged to the missing ex-CA justice.

Initial information gathered by police indicated that Pizarro checked-in at the Midori Hotel inside the Clark Freeport Zone reportedly with an unidentified woman, and that it was the last place visited by the former CA justice in his short stay at Clark. 

“Parallel investigation is being undertaken by the police and the NBI to get into the bottom of the ex-CA justices mysterious disappearance,” Simbajon told newsmen in a phone interview

He said investigators are currently scanning footages from security cameras along the road where Pizarros vehicle was spotted in their effort to get a clear lead about the missing ex-CA justice. With media reports


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