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Bishop issues prayer to stop ASF in Bataan


BALANGA CITY — Bataan Bishop Ruperto Santos on Wednesday issued a diocesan prayer to stop the African swine fever from spreading in the province.

Affected by the virus are five barangays in Dinalupihan, two in Hermosa and one each in Orani and Samal.

Mayors Maria Angela Garcia of Dinalupihan, Jopet Inton of Hermosa and Efren Pascual Jr. of Orani confi rmed the presence of ASF in their localities.

Santos said the prayer is being recited at every Holy Mass in all churches in 11 towns and one city in the province. The prayer:

“Blessed are you O Lord of all creation. Holy is your name forever and ever. You are the great physician healing all forms of sickness.

The ASF is now here in our province of Bataan. We humbly ask that you prevent from spreading this contagious viral disease that is impacting pigs.

We know that you care deeply about the well-being of all your creation, including the animals. We beg that you contain the virus and halt its transmission.

We also pray that you protect the uninfected ones and may they stay healthy. We lift everyone whose livelihood is dependent on pig farming and selling pork.

We ask that you continue to meet their needs whatever they are.

Grant wisdom to the ones who are conducting research on ASF virus across the world so it may fully be eradicated and stop its re-emergence.

We continue to give you praise and thanks, in Jesus name we pray. Amen.”


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