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A classroom with respect


AS THE saying goes respect begets respect, teachers expect that their students would of course respect them as the person’s authority in the classroom.

However, it cannot be denied that our students nowadays are harder to please as to compared with the children yesteryears. We know for a fact that these things are brought about by the influence of the fast-phased changing world, particularly mass media and technological invention.

They are more independent and are wiser that commanding them of certain things would be a little complicated especially when they have higher expectations with you.

Thus, it is of much significance that once are for all, you have established a setup where children know their bounds and limitation towards how they treat you. From the beginning of the class they are aware of the demarcation line of your relationship.

Yes, we aim that our classroom would be a child-friendly one. However, too much of everything would not lead to good results. There are times when we tend to treat our students as our friends that they forget when to be serious and when to have firm.

It is highly important then that as teachers, our students constantly respect us. This shall be evident by means of showing them respect in the first place. Furthermore, rules must be constantly established. Children must be aware of their consequences for their actions and that they must be willingly following the rules and regulations because you made them realize why these things are important in your class.

Once these things have been done, the classroom shall be a place where discipline and respect exist. Consequently, learning shall effectively take place.

Cynthia S. Dizon
Teacher III
Mexico Elementary School
Mexico South Disctrict

(Unsolicited contributions here are unedited, unabridged, as is. Errors in grammar, syntax, etc, solely the writer’s. — Editor)


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