Spread a smile

    A thought to ponder. We are using more muscles when frowning than when smiling. A smile is likewise contagious. Most often than not people become more approachable and accommodating when you smile at them. Try it at the supermarket and see the effect.

    But in nut shell, smiling gives a positive radiance to each and everyone’s personality. It is free and not hard to do. So Sony Ericsson in cooperation with SM City Pampanga and Digiprint are now encouraging everyone to join their “Spread the Smile” campaign all over the country. They plan to collect a million smile photos and raise a million pesos for UNICEF. This is part of Sony Ericsson’s introduction of their Smile Shutter technology on their cyber-shot phones.

    To join the campaign, all you have to do is visit SM malls and look for the Spread The Smile booths. Once found, give your best smile and let the Sony Ericsson staff to take your picture using the Smile Wall as background. Then, drop your P20 in the donation box while waiting for a single Digiprint photo printout. For every smile collected through the smile booths, the project will donate P1 to UNICEF.

    For those who cannot visit the smile booths, you can visit the project’s official website, www.sonyericsson.com/spreadthesmiles. To donate a smile, upload your digital smile photos and tell the story behind them.

    It is indeed a brilliant idea to infect people with the smile campaign. Not only we are doing charity for UNICEF, we are also encouraged to share something constructive to other people.

    SM City Pampanga launched this project with the Sony Ericsson and Digiprint last June 9 in San Fernando. I was very happy to see the dynamic public relations officer of SM City Pampanga, Rochelle Sarmiento, who organized the whole affair. Also present were Sm City Pampanga mall manager Roman Palo and brand manager Joanna Manansala.

    Aside from them being branded as a total community mall in the region, SM City Pampanga has been very active in other advocacies including environmental awareness. They are the only mall that promotes the use of recyclable materials. They also have the SM Green Bag designed by famous Filipino artist Manny Baldemor.

    Sm City Pampanga and SM City Clark earlier launched the waste market fair every Fridays and Saturdays. Spearheaded by the Environmental Practitioners’ Association and SM City Clark, the waste market fair is a venue for buying and selling of paper scraps such as cartons, newspapers, notebooks, and bond papers; used ink and toner cartridges, electronic wastes such old CPUs, keyboards, computer monitors, and other electronic appliances; used lead batteries for cars, trucks, UPS, and rechargable lamps; used PET bottles and other plastic products; and aluminum and tin cans.

    According to SM, the waste market fair, is an effort to help save the environment through the intensified move to bring recyclable materials directly to recognized recyclers for the best buy-back prices.

    This endeavor is part of SM Supermalls’ thrust to be an eco-friendly mall along with its strict implementation of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act or R.A. 9003. The implementation of the Solid Waste Management Act requires the segregation of all garbage within the tenant’s premises prior to the collection by the mall’s janitorial staff or upon delivery directly at the garbage house.

    All tenants of SM malls are required to separate and keep in transparent bags their garbage according to the following classifications: recyclable, biodegradable, residuals and special (hazardous) wastes. A tag is also attached to each bag indicating the name and address of the authorized representative.

    This is the direction we want to see from the business sector. Everyone has the responsibility to protect our natural resources and save our planet from man-made hazards and ruin.

    I love to see the day when all the grocery shops in Pampanga, including SM’s hypermart, use paper bags rather than plastics. Just a thought.


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