Advocacy group, MaARTI to stage IMA musical show

    CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – “The essense of being a mother stressed.”

    Thus said members of the Teatru Ima at Arti (MaARTI) during a press conference here on Monday to promote their musical performance at Holy Angel University theatre on July 25. The show is entitled “Ima.”

    Aged 50 years old and above, the all-women MaARTI group said “their performance  reminds the people about the role of women in building a strong family and nation.”    

    The Advocacy for the Development of Central Luzon (ADCL) joined MaARTI in promoting Kapampangan culture and arts. ADCL officers Abong Tayag and Rene Romero graced the press conference as their advocay group co-sponsored the musical show at HAU.   

    MaARTI is handled by international artist Andy Alviz, who was responsible for the success of the ARTISta. Rita. He announced that the MaArti will also perform at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) on August 27.

    “In one year’s time, we will go international in the USA,” said Alviz. 

    Ima potrays the lives of mothers belonging to separate generations with friends and househelps providing realism of everyday life in Pampanga. With a provincial ambience set in 1960’s, the musical revolves around the upcoming 80th birthday of Donya Timbang, a respected grand matriarch, who already exhibits the physical limitations of old age and unreasonable sensitivity.

    Ima takes us to a familiar journey where the monotony of life suddenly blooms with passion because of occasional drizzle of hilarity, friendship and love.

    Kapampangan folk songs as well as original compositions like O Ima, O Anak (Oh Mother, Oh Daughter) by Recy Pineda, Utus Keni! Utus Keta! (Do This! Do That!) by Andy Alviz and Masayang Kebaitan (Happy Birthday) by Andy Alviz and Recy Pineda are interwoven for the play’s musical color.

    The presentation is likewise a fund-raising activity for both organizations to sustain their advocacies for infrastructure, human and economic development, agriculture and good governance.


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