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Search is on for new batch of Cebu Pacific Cadet Pilots


CLARK FREEPORT — – The search is on for a new batch of 16 recruits to enter  the cadet pilot program of Cebu Pacific (Ceb).

The Cebu Pacific Cadet Pilot Program is a “study now, pay later, zero-interest” training program for those who want to become a full-fledged commercial pilot with a guaranteed employment with the airline.

The program is open to all Filipino citizens who are college graduates, proficient in English and in good physical condition. There are no preferred college degrees and applicants need only have an average grade of at least 80 percent or its equivalent in subjects related to Math, Physics and English.

The program entails 52 weeks of week integrated flight training, theory and education at Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) in Adelaide, Australia—one of the best aviation schools in the region.

The cadets will also undergo an additional four weeks of training to obtain a Pilot’s License under the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

Seventy-four cadet-pilots are currently undergoing training at FTA. CEB’s first batch of Cadet Pilots is wrapping-up licensing and is expected to assume First Officer duties by the fourth quarter of 2019. A second batch of Cadet Pilots will be graduating from FTA next month.

CEB cadet-pilots need not worry about expenses related to the flight training, as the airline will shoulder the costs first—including stipend and amortize the payment for the course while they are employed.

The entire program will be financed by Cebu Pacific, and successful cadet-pilots who enter the CEB corps of pilots will reimburse the cost of the program through salary deduction over a maximum of ten years.

Application period for the eighth batch of Cebu Pacific Cadet Pilots will run from August 9 to 18.

Interested applicants may apply for the program through https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6ZSZDBK

For more information, visit http://www.flyfta.com/pilot-training/cebu-pacific-cadet-program.


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