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Renewable energy cost to go down in 2 years


CLARK FREEPORT – In two years-time, renewable energy will reach its tipping point because its cost would have gone down significantly.

Thus said Tito Maglaqui, managing director of AlphaSolar, as he assessed the future of solar power as a source of alternative energy in this freeport.

Maglaqui, in a recent Balitaan forum organized by the Capampangan in Media, Inc. in cooperation with the Clark Development Corp. at the Bale Balita here said “as new technology is evolving, batteries will be more commercially available and affordable.”

He added that “when that time comes and when solar panel prices are going down to a very affordable level, that will be the tipping point.”

“Before it costs too much. But now almost 80 percent of the cost from 2011 has been discounted. The price has nosedived to 80 percent. Now it’s a matter of adaptation in technology,” he said, adding that even ordinary households would want solar power by then.

Maglaqui said solar power started here in 2011, recalling it was very difficult to market solar power back then. He said the 22 megawatt solar farm located in Panday Pira here was started under his tutelage as managing consultant.

“That started under my tutelage from planning, to project finance and then to design and construction,” he said. “But it only feeds solar power to the grid.”

As of now, Maglaqui said locator firms here can save up to 38 percent in their power consumption with renewable energy. But he noted that the installation of solar panels and batteries is still more than the expected cost in terms of affordability.

Maglaqui said the average Filipino household is about 1.5 kilowatt peak or 120 kilowatt hour or 500 kilowatt hour monthly.

AlphaSolar installs solar panel at a minimum of 300 kilowatt peak or about 150 households, he explained. That is why it is still costly to install in an average household..

But he added that AlphaSolar is now testing its concept with Hausland Development Corp. and with the Solana group. If the concept is successful that is the good news, he said.


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