Pia Wurtzback admits her relationship with Marlon Stockinger

    JUST BEFORE 2016 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzback relinquishes her crown, the most beautiful woman in the universe admits her relationship with Filipino-Swiss race car driver Marlon Stockinger.

    “We are together”. says Pia.

    The outgoing Miss Universe talks about her relationship with Marlon.

    “I’m glad that I finally met somebody who’s very secure with himself and who understands my job, and who’s not afraid to let me have my moment such as right now, now that the competition is happening here.

    “He’s very understanding and we really get along,”

    It’s been a while since the couple have been posting their date photos, but neither of them directly confirmed the status of their relationship.

    What did Pia like about Marlon?

    She replied, “He’s very funny, like, he’d always make me laugh.

    “Hindi pilit yung parang dahil gusto ko siya, natatawa lang ako.

    “He knows a lot of things about me that I probably shouldn’t tell other people, but he’s cool with it.”

    Pia also mentioned that key people in the Miss Universe Organzation approves of Marlon for her.

    “Esther [Swan, her manager] approves, that’s the number one thing.

    “Paula [Shugart, Miss Universe president] likes him. Esther likes him, the Miss Universe Organization likes him.

    “That’s a huge relief on my part because, whew, I don’t have to worry.”

    On January 30, Pia will be relinquishing her crown to the new Miss Universe winner.

    * * *

    IS IT true that Sara Geronimo got jealous of Matteo Guidicelli’s ex-girlfriend?

    “I said yes to everything except sa one scene: yung love scene,” pahayag ni Matteo Guidicelli tungkol sa action movie niyang Across the Crescent Moon, na magbubukas sa mga sinehan sa January 25.

    Matteo co-stars with newbie Alex Godinez (niece of Martin Nievera) who is his ex-girlfriend.

    According to Matteo, their love scene in the said movie was “implemented”

    “It was done in a different way, so implemented love scene, so we didn’t have to do the love scene [physically] kumbaga. “We still did it, but not the physical love scene.”

    Did Sara disapprove of his love scene with Alex in the said movie?

    Hindi naman sa hindi puwede. “Siyempre I also respect my girlfriend, but it’s a thin line being professional whatsoever.

    “But, anyway, this is my belief and I respect my girlfriend, and I thought you could do the love scene without doing the physical love scene.

    “It could be done in a different way.

    “It was okay. It turned out well.”

    Matteo assured everybody that Sara knew Alex will be in the movie.

    “I told her in the beginning na there’s this leading lady and she was my ex.

    “So, she’s okay with it So, okay naman.”

    The actor cleared that he is not prohibited to do intimate scenes in his movie projects.

    “Kung kailangan. As of now, di naman kailangan. Nagawa naman sa ibang anggulo,”

    Matteo also admits that there was no feeling of awkwardness between him and his co-stars, despite their being ex-lovers.

    “I thought it would be [awkward]. But the thing is, Alex and I, we’ve remained friends.

    “And I know the boyfriend [of Alex]. The boyfriend is a good friend also.

    “It’s okay, we respect each other and we draw boundaries and we respect each other.”

    Also in the movie are:Christopher de Leon, Dina Bonnevie, Gabby Concepcion, Sandy Andolong, Joem Bascon, Ivan Carapiet, and Jerico Estregan.


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