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Parlade, shut up!


SOMETHING IS very wrong with Lt. Gen. [Antonio] Parlade’s mindset. On its face, his statement clearly implying that a journalist was aiding the terrorists is careless and insensitive. I do not know how else any literate person can interpret that.

That said, I couldn’t care less what else comes out of his mouth, nor do I have anything to do with his quarrel with Ms. Tetch Torres-Tupas. My primary concern is the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 which I and my staff, as well as my fellow senators worked extra hard to afford the state an effective legal tool against terrorism while ensuring that the Bill of Rights is protected, especially that the law is now facing some serious challenges before the Supreme Court.

If Lt. Gen. Parlade wants to help enlighten the magistrates as he claims, he can do it better by not talking about terrorism.

Senator Panfilo Ping Lacson, 9 Feb. 2021


Alibi as apology

GUSTO NILA mag-apologize ako. As a person, nagalit din ako at offended ako doon sa report nila, I will not. But as a member of NTF-ELCAC, I could probably apologize if nadadawit ko yung NTF-ELCAC.

That’s not the intent. Ang intent natin, sino ba ang papansin ng mga maling report nito?

But really, kung ‘yun lang naman ang kailangan just to assure Ms. Tupas that we mean no harm to her, of course, I’d like to say sorry to those circulating the news that I am threatening her, I’m not.

Kasi ang lumalabas, parang natatakot na si Tetch for my statements. That’s also because of the way the media portrays this issue, but personally, wala akong intention kay Tetch na ganyan ang maramdaman niya.

I made that post on my personal wall in Facebook so NTF-ELCAC has nothing to do with that comment. It’s based on citizen Parlade’s response to that careless report of this Inquirer reporter.

I’m speaking there as a citizen. I also have my rights to react to these false accusations of our media friends. They’re friends as far as I’m concerned, they’re real friends. At this time, I think sila ‘yung nag-overstep.

Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., 9 Feb. 2021


YEAH, SENATOR Lacson is damned right. Parlade should just shut the f-ck up!


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