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NOLCOM enhances soldiers’ skills in defense without weapons


TARLAC CITY (PIA) — Armed Forces of the Philippines Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) enhanced the skills of troops in unarmed combat situations through an Aikido Martial Arts training program.

It is a Japanese discipline that utilizes different circular movements and strategic positions to neutralize the opponent and redirect the force of aggression.

NOLCOM Commander Lieutenant General Fernyl Buca explained that Aikido boosts the soldiers’ fighting skills and prowess on defense without the use of any firearm or weapon.

“The training aims to equip soldiers from both NOLCOM and its tenant units with crucial skills to fend off threats when traditional weaponry is not an option, particularly in scenarios where they operate beyond the secure confines of military bases,” Buca said.

It is composed of three courses namely Basic Aikido, Advanced Aikido, and a specialized Aikido Integrated Course designed for instructors.

Armed Forces of the Philippines Northern Luzon Command trains its soldiers and tenant units on Aikido Martial Arts to enhance their fighting skills in unarmed combat situations. (NOLCOM PIO)

The commander added that the training program further develops the capability of the troops in performing their mandated duties and functions.

“Through the implementation of the Aikido Martial Arts training, NOLCOM furthers its commitment to the holistic preparedness and personal development of our personnel to becoming a jointly-engaged, sustainment-maintained, and readiness trained force,” Buca stated.

As part of the training program, soldier-participants will undergo an immersive experience to master the diverse array of Aikido maneuvers.

These include the “Practical Maneuvers” which are designed for real-life situations; and the “Elusive Maneuvers” which are applicable in effectively responding to diverse challenges. (CLJD/TJBM-PIA 3)


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