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More about Faith, Food, Family and SM


(Claude Tayag: “When I go to SM, I have to plan my day. I do the shopping and the grocery in the Hypermarket. I also need to do a look at hardware in ACE and frequently go to the kitchen section in The SM Store. Being a Kapampangan, my favorite restaurant is Cabalen, which has the best menudo I’ve ever tasted. Then, I go to Bruno for a 30-minute facial or foot massage and then fall asleep ala siesta, and then resume my shopping after that. It’s a whole day thing for me like an excursion which I have to plan well.”)

WE CONTINUE our journey around the Philippines in this edition of My Story, My SM, and this time we will get to know how SM has touched lives in the Central Luzon provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga and the city of Olongapo.

These are stories from customers, business partners, and prominent personalities from cities where SM has malls and serves the community. Along with their stories, we will get to know more about our country’s rich history, diverse culture, and its many talented and inspiring people who have brought much honor to the Philippines.

Our stop first takes us to Pampanga, a province that has so much to celebrate-exciting festivals, a rich history and culture, its food, and its people’s entrepreneurial spirit.

As the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga is a treasure trove of culinary delights – from colonial to folk to exotic. This gift can be traced to the Kapampangan’s love of the good life and his fine tastes.

We will meet Claude Tayag, a true renaissance man: painter, sculptor, architect, furniture designer, author, photographer and culinary expert. He is happy that SM has cultural programs that showcase the culinary and artistic talents of Kapampangans like himself.

Most Kapampangans are devout Roman Catholics, and with that, the province has some of the most beautiful examples of colonial church architecture and sacred art. Master sculptor Willy Layug then shares with us how this rich tradition of ecclesiastical art continues in his shop in Betis Galleria, which has paved the way for new trends and dynamic styles in icon and retablo making. He will also share with us how SM’s cultural programs have helped create awareness about this craft and develop a new generation of artists.

Heritage advocates Bong Enriquez and Rheeza Hernandez then take us to Bulacan, the birthplace of the first Constitutional Democracy in Asia, the cradle of noble heroes like Marcelo H. del Pilar and Gregorio del Pilar, and home to many National Artists like Nicanor Abelardo and Guillermo Tolentino.

(Bong Enriquez and Rheeza Hernandez: “SM is a great place to shop and get to
know more about our culture.”)

(Angelee Claudett delos Reyes: “I love shopping at SM and always make a list so I get everything I need from health, fashion, beauty, even gifts because of my tight schedule. As a foodie, SM Markets and SM Markets Eats are so convenient. SM’s really got it all afor me.”)

(Willy Layug: “I am very grateful to SM for being very supportive of Kapampangan
artists like those in my hometown in Betis.”)

Bulacan’s rich culinary tradition stands side by side with its place in history, especially with the research and writings of Bong’s mother Mrs. Mila Enriquez, who has given us a very interesting glimpse of the food of our heroes during revolutionary times. Bong and Rheeza share with us how SM has helped them give a glimpse of history in modern times through their performances and cuisine.

We then join Miss Earth Philippines 2013 Angelee Claudett delos Reyes in Olongapo City, which is known as an ecological haven because of its natural beauty like rain forests and it’s many sustainability practices.

As Miss Earth Philippines, Angelee participated in SM’s Eco Bag campaign, and continues to be involved in such programs as host and earth ambassador. She admires SM for its environmental campaigns and for working to build better communities.

Claude, Willy, Bong, Rheeza and Angelee join in SM’s 60th Anniversary celebrations by sharing their inspiring stories in the My Story, My SM series featuring 60 lives touched by 60 years of SM. With its roots in retailing, SM has over the years become part of the lives of millions of Filipinos – customers, business partners, employees – each with a wonderful story to tell.

Discover more about their inspiring stories at the My Story, My SM microsite at https://mystorymysm.com and get a glimpse of Claude the artist and culinary expert; how Willy’s Our Lady of Palo and the Crucified Christ played a role during Pope Francis’s visit to the Philippines in 2015; how SM has helped Bong and Rheeza bring Bulacan’s culture and cuisine to a new generation; and how Angelee and SM work together for the environment and https://www.youtube.com/MyStory/MySM.


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