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Mont Albo Massage Hut opens branch in Angeles City


FIRM BELIEVER and advocate of traditional Filipino massage and other indigenous therapies, Mont Albo Massage Hut (MAMH) offers the best form of relaxation and calm.

Teresa David – Carlos, a famous Kapampangan businesswoman and franchisee of MAMH Pampanga, thought of putting up another branch in Nepo Quad 2, Angeles City just few months after the opening MAMH branch in the City of San Fernando.

She wanted to off er a better and different spa experience in the City, as well as convenience and accessibility. “Our goal is not only to spread the importance of traditional massage but also promote better health and wellness.

We want to give the best and reach out to clients through expansion and strict training of therapist,” Carlos shares.

She said that she always reminds her staff to take extra precautions and treat clients very well, like ensuring that the client rests first or the body is stabilized before a massage and practice proper sanitation and cleanliness.

Many spa regulars found that MAMH massage has cured their “lamig”, but MAMH won’t settle for less that’s why they do continuous training and research to improve services.


Hilot is an ancient Filipino healing method practiced for thousands of years. It refers to both the technique and practitioner. Characterized by slow deliberate strokes and removal of blockages or “lamig”. Banana leaves and Virgin coconut oil are key elements in the treatment. Highly recommended for individuals with upper back aches and stress related pains and anxiety.

The Mont Albo Massage (signature therapy) is one of a kind for it soothes all the muscles from head to foot, relaxes the mind and meets psychological need for touch. With selected traditional strokes and techniques of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai-Yoga massages.

Bentosa, also called “Cupping” is a common but extremely effective treatment that’s soothes the muscle pain. This is the type of treatment uses the placement of suctioning cups to remove energy blockages and prevent lack of blood circulation.

Eastern Foot Massage (signature foot therapy) combines the Thai foot elements of Thai massage, Dadagay (Filipino traditional foot massage), Shiatsu and Chinese reflexology. This blending of Eastern foot traditions releases tension from your foot and enhances the function of vital organs.

Suob the Filipino version of the steam bath. It has been utilized to drive away elements of illnesses by boiling a concoction of herbs and flowers and letting the therapeutic mixture vaporize inside a large thick cloth that envelopes the body. The healthy stem increases blood circulation, fat metabolism and detoxification. Makes the skin supple and softens muscle fibers, a worthwhile treatment before a massage.

Scrub in different exemplary blends such as Coff ee Energizing Scrub, Organic Whitening Scrub and Butter Glitter Scrub.

For other products and services visit MAMH at Nepo Quad 2, Nepo Center, Angeles City or call 0945-5069062.

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