Mayor backs ‘Ibon-Ebon’ revival

    CANDABA, Pampanga – Mayor Danilo Boy Baylon vowed to support the revival of the annual Ibon-Ebon Festival together with ex-Mayor Jerry Pelayo who initiated the event during the latter’s stint as town’s municipal chief executive.

    The mayor announced during the Grand Eye Ball of the members of Anak ng Candaba (ANC), now a non-government organization who want to be of help to the municipality.

    In fact, the Ibon-Ebon Icon was unveiled at the boundary of the town in Pansol, Pasig adjacent to the municipality of Sta Ana.

    It can be recalled that during the term of ex-Mayor Rene Maglanque, the festival’s budget was scrapped and purportedly ‘politicized’.

    The organizer of the ANC grand-eye-ball decided to revive the Ibon-Ebon icon that symbolizes the return of the town’s festival of birds and eggs.

    Baylon said he would still get the sentiments of the Candabenios and consult them if they are willing to support the festival.

    It can be noted that the annual Ibon-Ebon Festival aimed at celebrating the huge harvest and production of multi-million duck raising industry and the exodus of migratory birds from the different parts of the world in the Candaba Swamp.

    Smith Balmaceda and Hannah Len De Guzman, ANC event organizers said aside from the unveiling of the ibon-ebon icon, they have also prepared a program showcasing the talents of Ibon-Ebon dancers and the holding of a bloodletting activity sponsored by the provincial health office, JBL Regional Memorial Hospital and other stakeholders mainly to help save lives.


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