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Kim Domingo speaks up on break up with Mike Acuña


KIM DOMINGO and boyfriend Mike Acuña call it quits after three years of being together.

“Ay, no comment ako.

“Ayoko nang pag-usapan.” says Kim.

“Mutual decision naman ang nangyari,e.

“Parehas naman. Pero on good terms kami.

“Walang halong galit sa isa’t isa, okay kami.

“Okay naman po. Basta yun, happy ako.”

Currently, Kim is doing a suspense-drama thriller on GMA titled “Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay” with Rayver Cruz and Megan Young.

It’s an afternoon prime which starts on July 22.

Kim admits that her break up with Mike is true.

Some people say that it;s just a part of the promo for their afternoon series.

“Hay, walang ganun, hindi!

“Matagal na rin, magwa-one month na.”

As of now, the sexy actress would like to focus on this project.

Kim also confessed that it was a part of their plan to have a baby, however it didn’t work out they way they planned it to be.

“Sana doon na, kasi okay naman kami, wala naman kaming nagiging issue, e.

“May mga konting ano, tampuhan, away, ganyan, pero hindi naman malaki na ano.”


THE BIG FOUR of Batch 4 of Pinoy Big Brother Otso has been announced in the July 6 episode.

They are Akie Poblete, Wealand Ferrer, Argel Saycon, and Kiara Takahashi.

Akie and Wealand earned their Batch 4 spots by winning two separate Big Jump competitions.

Akie was the first to win a combination of a Big Jump challenge where he completed a jigsaw puzzle and a balance task quicker than three other housemates.

Wealand won the second Big Jump challenge against four other housemates.

The challenge asked them to balance a ball on top of a handheld platform, while moving it through an eight-shaped maze in the ceiling.

Wealand saved more balls, so he became the second Big Four placer.

Kiara and Argel placed in the last two spots by winning the public vote against Diana Mackie and Franki Russell.

Kiara received the lion’s share of the votes, at 42.48%, while Argel garnered 24.95%.

Diana and Franki earned 21.54% and 11.02% respectively, so they got evicted from the house.

Diana made a mark during her stay in the PBB house.

The Adventurous Anak ng Taguig was vocal, and she was the first person to bring to light the sexual harassment issues caused by Banjo Dangalan. As a result, Banjo was sanctioned with a forced eviction.

The 21-year-old model also became the leader of two weekly tasks, and was praised by netizens for being a good member of a team, particularly during the week where Diana was under Gino in the tower building challenge.

Franki, meanwhile, was loved by viewers for her attitude, particularly when fights were happening in the house.

The Wandering Stunner ng New Zealand also had detractors, however, because she was seen as lazy and does not contribute to their weekly tasks.

The Big Four of Batch 4–Akie, Wealand, Argel and Kiara–still have to stay in the house to wait for the results of the voting for their Big Winner.

It is unclear if they will exit the PBB house after the voting, because the season’s twist is that the Big Four of all the batches will return to the house in the final weeks of the season to battle for the title of PBB Otso Big Winner.

What was announced, however, is that the members of the Big Four of the first three batches will enter the house by pairs.

The members of the Big Four for Batch 1 were Jelay Pilones, Kaori Oinuma, Karina Bautista, and Lie Reposposa.

Then the members of the Big Four of Batch 2 were Andre Brouilette, Fumiya Sankai, Lou Yanong, and Yamyam Gucong.

Lastly, the members of the Big Four of Batch 3 were Ashley del Mundo, Batit Espiritu, Tan Roncal, and Yen Quirante.

Fumiya of Batch 2 and Karina of Batch 1 re-entered the house during the Sunday, July 7 episode.

Who else will enter the house in the next few days? Viewers of PBB Otso will find out soon.


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