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JIMMY BONDOC, a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, posts a long Facebook status regarding network franchise approval


…after news broke out that the Lower House of Congress did not submit any report on the bill aimed at renewing the legislative franchise of ABS-CBN.

In his Facebook account,, Jimmy the Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility Group of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) the artcard published by a broadsheet on Facebook regarding the freezing of franchise of ABS-CBN.

Part of Jimmy;s post on Facebook… “What power these networks hold.

“Yet, they are left in the hands of almost totally unregulated companies.

“Of course, this will lead to abuse. OF COURSE. What do you expect?

“So, It is the State’s job to mitigate this. To be clear, we should NEVER curtail Freedom of Speech.

“But it should ALWAYS be regulated for the good of all.

“There are lines which must never be crossed.

“But from where I sit, I see those lines crossed everyday.”

“I hope these major networks may have a change of heart.

“It is really up to them.

“Technically, it is up to Congress.

“Hindi naman sa Presidente, who can only approve or veto.

“But practically, it is up to the networks themselves, if they would finally decide to be fair and just.”

“Real Independence is Real Hard.

“Politically, we are getting there fast! But culturally, we are a work in progress.

“Forgive me for hurting many people unintentionally.

“I am primarily an artist, still. A minor artist at that.

“But it is my right to wish for the next generation a BETTER culture and environment for artists, where the sincerest and the most hardworking are rewarded, where real Filipino culture is promoted, where songs and movies etc. that ACCURATELY DEPICT the Filipino soul are promoted globally.

“Yan ang Independence Day, para po sa akin.

“The right to have a Sarili.”


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