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Gov Yap: GCQ not a license to go outside


TARLAC CITY Gov. Susan Yap reminded her constituents today that general community quarantine is not a license to go outside as Tarlac transitions to that status May 16.

“Being under GCQ does not equate to a license to go around, health and safety measures will still remain in place, movement will still be limited,” she stressed.

The province’s shift to GCQ is simply allowing the economy to gradually recover and for those in identified essential industries to go back to work.

During the meeting of the Provincial Covid-19 Task Force, it was agreed that border controls in the barangays, municipalities and city; quarantine passes; and curfew hours from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. will all still be in effect.

Mandatory public health standards such as physical distancing, wearing of face masks, and washing of hands will still be strictly implemented.

Yap reminded business establishments to still follow rules and be subject to the necessary health guidelines.

In the field of construction, required public and private construction projects such as but not limited to canals, water service facilities and digital works, health facilities, and other priority projects may resume.
Also, public transportation and terminals can resume operations taking into consideration the three main components namely safety, capacity, and coverage or scope. Gabriela Liana Barela/PIA 3


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