Girl hauls ex-BF to NBI over sex video

    CABANATUAN CITY – A 17- year-old girl from Cabanatuan sought the help of the National Bureau of Investigation on Thursday to run after her 21 year-old former boyfriend after their “intimate moments” landed on the internet and cellular phones.

    The girl who was only 16 when the alleged sexual encounter happened said she’s “dead buried in shame” as talks on the video spread like  wildfire in the village. She claimed she was not aware their intimacy was videotaped.

    NBI Senior Investigator Arnaldo Finaza said the boy who hails from Palayan City admitted having videotaped the scenes but disclaimed responsibility on the uploading to the internet.
    Apparently, he said, a person from an internet shop “dragged the file” when the suspect asked for uploading of songs to the MP3 player he used in videotaping.

    The girl said the suspect, identified as Jeff, was her first boyfriend.

    While the videotaping supposedly occurred sometime in May 2008, its copy on the internet started only sometime in May this year, the man told authorities.

    The two met before the NBI Cabanatuan City Field Office on Thursday.

    After given time to talk without others present, the man said he offered the girl marriage but she refused.

    “Hindi po kasal ang kabayaran sa ginawa niya,” the girl said.

    Finaza said that if the girl will continue to refuse the marriage offer by the man, the agency would file charges of violations of Protection Against Violence on Women and Children’s Act.

    The agency is also preparing action against the operator of the internet shop supposedly used in uploading the video.


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