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Every occasion, a celebration at Ebi10


Whether to reminisce on a few family favorites or stuff yourself with a serving fit for two, Ebi10 is sure to satisfy your craving for Japanese classics. 

Found at the ground floor of Yujo Izakaya is the Angeles branch of Ebi10, the fourth and newest location of the Japanese comfort food spot from Manila. Inspired by celebrations and abundance, Ebi10 welcomes Pampanga residents and tourists alike into the warm space, serving hearty and delightful Japanese home-style recipes. Whether in a small or large group, Ebi10 dishes are made for sharing with loved ones and celebrating the joy of eating well together, from the first crunch of tempura to the final swipe of the plate. 

“We had an empty space at the ground floor of the izakaya, and I thought it would be perfect for one of my family’s other businesses, which is Ebi10,” shares Viray. “While Yujo provides a nightlife experience that fuses Japanese taste with a Kapampangan touch, Ebi10 completes the full dining experience for people of all ages.”

Signature menu items include its namesake dish, the tempura, which patrons can order by the piece and create their own basket of assorted kinds, beloved fusion sushi rolls like Senju Roll and Dragon Roll, and rice meals like the tangy-but-sweet Steak Rice and no fail Katsudon. 

The Angeles branch also offers a special teppanyaki menu of steaks, seafood, vegetables and fried rice, which diners can order and witness being prepared on the traditional Japanese metal plate. Choose from a variety of meats, like Australian Tenderloin, USD Prime Rib and Wagyu, and premium seafood, such as Gindara, Hokkaido Scallops and King Prawns. Complement your chosen dishes with teppanyaki sides, including Beef Chahan, Scallop Chahan, Moriawase and Yasai Itame. Whatever your order, Ebi10 guarantees generous servings made with fresh and premium ingredients.

At Ebi10, every meal is a celebration made more special with bountiful servings of homemade Japanese flavors. 

Located at Lot 9-11 Blk 49 Friendship Highway, Angeles City. For reservations: 0936 468 6544 IG: @yujo_pampanga, 0915 470 8606 IG: @ebi10phWith PR

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