Did Lovi Poe initiate her break up with Rocco Nacino?

    “WELL, sabi ko nga po, nagulat nga po ako na sinabi niya nga po yun. Siyempre ako, parang ayoko nang pagusapan kung kanino man nanggaling ito. I just pray and hope that we get to go to a good place.” reacts Lovi Poe regarding Rocco Nacino’s statement.

    If Rocco asks her to talk about the issue would she allow him to see her?

    “My door are always open naman.”

     Is it Rocco who doesn’t communicate?

    “Siguro we just… hindi naman sa hindi siya nagkocommunicate. I don’t know kung sino ang nag-i-initiate, walang nag-i-initiate. Pero hindi sa wala na kaming closure kasi nakapag-usap naman kami.”

    People were stunned when Lovi and Rocco suddenly ended their relationship. With what had transpired in terms of their relationship is concerned was it saving for?

    “Important kasi na marami pa akong ma-discover sa sarili ko. I don’t wanna be unfair to myself and unfair to him especially. Sabi ko nga, sa lahat ng nangyari, hindi ko naman isinasara ang pintuan ko sa kung ano pa ang puwedeng mangyari sa akin. It’s just that right now, at this very moment, I just want to do things alone.”

    Is she open for a possible reconciliation?

    “Of course I’m open,” she quickly replied…

    “But right now kasi, talagang gusto kong mag-focus sa trabaho ko. I wanna have more time with myself. Marami kasi akong… siguro dumadaan ako sa quarter-life crisis. That there’s so many things that I want to do.”

    Was Rocco the hindrance to whatever she wanted to do?

    "No, hindi siya nagiging hadlang. If anything, si Rocco naman, he would push me to do my best in everything. Siguro kasi, may mga tao na they get to work on themselves better alone.”

    Being both Kapuso stars, if there’s a possible project that would team them up, would she consider it?

    “Of course, I’m willing to work with him and professional naman kaming dalawa.”

    In a separate interview, Rocco said that along the process of moving on, he opted to leave by himself in a condo. In her part, what did she do to cope up with the split up?

    “It’s hard to tell that one person has moved on. Mahirap yun, e, because it’s just hard to talk about moving on.”

    Some observants assessed that she was able to move on quickly.

    “No, I believe I just know how to carry myself. I just leave that at home. Iniiwan ko yung mga pinagdadaanan ko sa bahay. Ayoko kasing madamay ang trabaho ko.”

    Did she regret their two-year happy days?

    “Well, siyempre maraming sana, sana ganito. But, wala, e… ganun talaga. Siguro ako, ang masasabi ko na lang, I did my best.”

    If there’s one thing that she regrets, what is it?

    “Well, nothing, wala akong regrets. It was a really good relationship, I was happy.”

    Did they unfollow one another on social media?

    “Hindi, hindi ko siya ina-unfollow. Kasi, hindi naman porke’t hiwalay na kami, hindi ko na naiisip ang kalagayan niya. Of course, naiisip ko pa rin siya. Ang diff erence lang ngayon, inuuna ko ang sarili ko. Physically, hindi ko siya nakikita, pero iniisip ko ang kapakanan niya. And I’m always praying for him, I hope he’s always doing well.”

    Is it true that a part of their fight was about money and credit cards?

    “No, no, not at all. At una sa lahat, si Rocco, hindi siya ganun. And he works really hard. Saludo nga ako kay Rocco kasi ang layo na ng narating niya. Yung isyu about money, not true at all. And I don’t know where it came from. First of all, wala kaming joint account.” she stressed.

    * * *

    IAN VENERACION became a hot issue after his stint in the Kapamilya soap titled “Pangako Sa’yo”.Portrayed the role of Eduardo Buenavista in the said series, Ian became a sought-after leading man.

    Meanwhile, there are four surprising things that you didn’t know about the former child actor.

    1. He paints. Ian has already mounted successful solo exhibits of his own art. He takes after his father Roy Veneracion, a painter by profession.

    Ian shares, ‘Mula bata ako, I would see my father paint, and he would give me my own canvas, and we would paint. ‘Painting has always been a part of my life. It’s an outlet. It’s very good therapy for me. It keeps my sanity! ‘I’d probably try to describe in color and composition the taste of a mango rather than give you the shape and the color, because to me—to me lang personally—it’s boring… So I’d rather express it diff erently!’

    2. He’s aff ectionate.

    Ian may be a very busy man, but he makes it a point to tell his wife Pam at least three times a day that he loves her. He also regularly makes time for his three kids: Draco, Deirdre, and Buccio.

    ‘More than my work—more than anything, I mean—family, for me, that’s the whole thing,’ Ian says.

    ‘That’s my anchor, so everything else is just there to complement family life. Not the other way around!’

    3. He has found a new groove.

    Ian discovered dancing when shooting this MAGGI® TV commercial:

    Ian says about the experience, ‘I had fun doing it. And even my kids, when they saw it na, they were laughing, kasi nga they know that I hated dancing.

    ‘But there, sabi nila, you look like you had so much fun.

    ‘Sabi ko, yeah, surprisingly I did!’

    4. He cooks for his family.

    ‘Of course I cook for my wife,’ Ian says. He also likes cooking sinigang, especially for his kids,

    ‘They just love the sabaw pa lang with rice. Solve na sila.’ he says.

    Ian gives his sinigang a surprising twist by using MAGGI® SINIGANG GREEN MANGO SURPRISE.

    It’s made with real fruit extract, ‘at may natural na asim ng green mangoes,’ he adds.

    And to add a little more…..

    Did you know that this family man and actor also plays golf and basketball, does extreme sports, rides big bikes, goes scuba diving, sailing and fishing, flies planes, and even paraglides?


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