Desperation may precede automated polls

    MARILAO, Bulacan— The automated polls in May may be preceded by desperation due to long dry spell, Neric Acosta, a Liberal Party senatorial candidate warned.

    He said that one of the possible implications of current dry spell highlighted by shortage of water, is vote-buying just before the polls.

    “The government said that we will have the worst El Nino in history this year and I fear its implication in the May automated elections,” Acosta said.

    He said if there is no water, there will not be enough food and electricity that will result to less productivity and poor economic performance.

    “Less jobs means less money for the families and it might result to desperation of many to survive that will make them vulnerable to vote- buying in May,” Acosta said.

    Acosta also affirmed statements of the Sagip Sierra Madre Environment Society, that water conservation is not enough to address water shortage.

    Martin Francisco, the head of the SSMES earlier said that government’s call for water conservation is nothing but a band-aid solution.

    He noted, “anong tubig ang iko-conserve kung tuyo na ang mga dam natin dahil sa kalbo ang mga kabundukan at watershed.”

    In an interview, Francisco said that timber poaching and charcoal making remain rampant on the eastern side of the Angat and Ipo watersheds in Norzagaray, Bulacan.

    “Dapat magising na ang gopbyerno na walang katuturan ang kanilang panawagan sa water conservation hanggat hindi nila pinapangalagaan ang kabundukan natin particular na ang Angat watershed,” said Francisco who noted that he has seen the documented  damage on Angat Watershed over the weekend.

    The 63,000-hectare Angat watershed serves as a catchment for the Angat Dam that supplies 97 percent of Metro Manila’s potable water supply.

    In 2004, the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization along with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Science and Technology identified Angat watershed as highly critical watershed in the country.


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