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DepEd Region III launches IEC materials advocating academic honesty


The Department of Education Regional Office III in pursuit of its goal to uphold academic integrity among its learners has officially launched its locally developed Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials for distribution and utilization in the region.

The said IEC materials include eight locally developed comics and three advocacy videos that are designed for learners in all grade levels.

The titles and brief descriptions of the comics are:

Kring! Ang Kuwento nina Ian at Droid (Written by Marc Joel P. Reyes – SDO Zambales)

Kring! Kwento nina Ian at Droid is a story about a smartphone named Droid and a boy named Ian who became abusive in using internet platforms and became addicted to mobile games. Later on, after Droid’s breakdowns, he realized all his mistakes and promised to himself that he will answer his modules using his own knowledge and will not rely on the internet.


Hindi Okey ang Online Kopyahan (Written by Jojit M. Elemento — SDO Zambales)

The story of Hindi Okey ang Online Kopyahan is about a schoolboy named Penok who is always playing online games instead of doing his schoolwork. Suddenly, his classmates introduced him to a group of friends known as Team OK, who assisted them in easily completing their tasks. However, Penok and his classmates were saved by a group called Master.


Awit ni Taptap (Written by Zaldy B. Millanes – SDO Zambales)

The story Awit ni Taptap was written by Mr. Zaldy B. Millanes of Don Brigido Miraflor Integrated School (JESMAG) and adapted into comics by Mr. Honorio G. Sison, Jr. of Guisguis National High School, Schools Division of Zambales, Region III, in response to the issues of academic dishonesty and organized cheating done by learners brought to light in Facebook, which the Department of Education strongly opposes. Taptap’s goal is to discourage any kind of dishonesty or academic fraud in the conduct of learning, both in this multimodal distance learning during the pandemic, as well as when face-to-face learning resumes. Because of this goal, Taptap is quick to point out and correct any dishonest means of studying in his interactions with siblings and friends, making his fellow students emulate his honesty in both word and deed.

Sina Mat, Tap, at Pat Mga Super-Estudyanteng Matapat (Written by Andrew B. Valentino – SDO Zambales)

This is about the mission of Mat, Tap, and Pat who serve as defender of honesty and advocate of knowledge amidst pandemic. The series of these comics focus on how they will brawl against online cheating which has become an immense problem in the field of education.


Ang Sagot sa Problema ni Caloy (Written by Maria Consuelo E. Damaso – SDO Zambales)

The story ‘Ang Sagot sa Problema ni Caloy’ is about a fifth-grade student who struggled to answer a Math problem in his module. He considered polling his peers for replies. He was able to complete his module with the aid of his mother in the end, and he learnt a valuable lesson about honesty.


Mali Pala ang Mangopya (Written by Sophia D. Mislan – SDO Zambales)

“Mali Pala ang Mangopya” is the story of Condrad, a young boy who lives with his mother and enjoys watching television. To lighten the burden of answering his modules, he resorted to copying the answers from the provided key to corrections, which he later discovered to be incorrect due to an unexpected event.


Ang Sikreto ni Lito (Written by Veronica D. Atienza – SDO Zambales)

The story is about Lito, a Grade 7 student enrolled in a modular learning modality. At first, he was confident that he would accomplish his learning tasks on time. However, when he realized that the deadline is getting near and he is running out of time, he secretly resorted to several means of accomplishing the said tasks for the sake of not submitting late. In the end, he learned the value of honesty in learning.


Si Kara, Si Raya at ang Matapat na Bata (Written by Noelynne E. Joyosa – SDO Zambales)

Si Kara, Si Raya at ang Matapat na Bata is a story of an honest grade 5 pupil named Paul who meets Kara Karunungan and Raya Pandaraya. Raya tries to influence pupils to commit academic dishonesty which results in Kara’s disappearance. Paul asks his mother about the ways to prevent Raya and bring Kara back.

Meanwhile the three advocacy videos, which were produced by the San Fernando Elementary School SFESial TV Production Team, tackle scenarios showing a student making a choice to answer the modules honestly, a parent choosing not to subscribe to contract cheating, and a teacher explaining to a parent how grades are computed under the distance learning modality.

These IEC materials are available for viewing and download through the official website of the DepEd Regional Office at region3@deped.gov.ph. END


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