Clark airport under alert after Istanbul bombings

    CLARK FREEPORT – The Clark International Airport here has been placed under security alert following the bombing of the Istanbul airport in Turkey where at least 36 people were killed.

    Edgar Guevarra, CIAC Aviation Security and Police Department (ASPD) manager, advised passengers and travelers to be on time for their flights at Clark airport to avoid any delays and inconvenience since strict security measures are now being implemented at the airport.

    “We advise passengers and travelers to be on time for their flights, as we are monitoring all movements at the Civil Aviation Complex, especially at the passenger terminal building, “ Guevarra said.

    According to Guevarra that CIAC has always been strict in its security measures even before the Istanbul incident. but such measures have been “beefed up” because of the Istanbul bombings which is believed to have been carried out by the ISIS.

    “We now strictly and frequently inspect facilities and all security personnel were told to closely monitor movements all over the aviation complex,” he said.

    Guevarra stressed that “our security personnel, as well as other staff of the airport, are well-trained for emergency scenarios to protect the passengers.”

    This, even as he also advised passengers to avoid bringing prohibited items such as knives and liquids, aerosols or gels (LAGs) beyond allowable limits to avoid inconvenience.


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