Home Headlines Chinese tourist, worker new Covid cases in Subic freeport

Chinese tourist, worker new Covid cases in Subic freeport


SUBIC BAY FREEPORT — A Chinese national who arrived in this freeport as a tourist one month ago and stayed in a hotel here is one of two new confirmedcases of Covid 19. 

The other is a resident of Olongapo City who works in this freeport.

The 29yearold Chinese is reported to be asymptomatic and has no travel history or exposure after his arrival.

He submitted himself to a RT-PCR test on August 5 as a travel requirement with the result from the PhilippineNational  Red Cross Subic  laboratory coming out August 6 indicating he is positive for Covid-19. He is now quarantined and under close monitoring by health workers.

The hotel he stayed in has been informed of the situation has been decontaminated and ordered closed for further disinfection.
The SBMA Public Health Safety Department is undergoing contact tracing.

As to the other new confirmed case, her workplace has been closed for 24 hours for disinfection. Contact tracing was conducted with her significant contactsscheduled for swab testing.


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