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CDC launches “Clark: Clean, Green, and Beautiful” campaign


CLARK FREEPORT – Clark Development Corporation (CDC) recently launched its “Clark: Clean, Green, and Beautiful” campaign to increase environmental awareness and conservation in this Freeport.

CDC-Environmental Permits Division (EPD) initiated the campaign and encouraged visitors, guests, bikers, workers, locators, and other stakeholders here to support the project.

According to CDC-EPD Manager Rogelio Magat, the goal of this program is to boost sustainable development without compromising or harming the environment.

“Sustainable development means clean development, without sacrificing or destroying the quality of life for future generations,” Magat added.

To strengthen this project, CDC-EPD also coordinated with the CDC- Communications Division (CD) for the creation of environmental education materials that will be disseminated through various social media platforms.  With this approach, CDC–EPD intends to reach more people in various communities and foster environmental consciousness.

Aside from this initiative, CDC-EPD has organized numerous activities and programs in the Freeport that are in line with their aim of preserving the clean and green surroundings here.

These include the conduct of the bi-annual Recyclables and Hazardous Wastes Collection events, enforcement of total ban on the use of Single Use Plastics (SUP) and polystyrene in all commercial and industrial facilities in this Freeport, monitoring of Clark Air Quality index, enforcement of regulations on environmental preservation, imposition of fines and penalties upon litterers, and maintenance of open areas, roads, parking areas, and public parks among others.

To show your support for the “Clark: Clean, Green, and Beautiful” campaign, go to www.facebook.com/ClarkDevelopmentCorporation and learn how you can help maintain the Freeport’s green environment.


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