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CDC integrates nature into workplace, creates eco-friendly library


ECO-FRIENDLY LIBRARY. Clark Development Corporation (CDC) through its Environmental Permits Division (EPD) brings a touch of nature into the workplace through the creation of its environmental library with biophilic design. The library is composed of furnishes and materials made from recovered woods. An ideal place not only for CDC employees but also for researchers and trainees, it has numerous books and references on environmental developments and concepts. (CDC-CD Photo)

CLARK FREEPORT – To integrate the elements of nature into the workplace, one of the offices in Clark Development Corporation (CDC) recently put-up an “environmental library” featuring eco-friendly concepts and components. 

With its mission to provide a conducive working area that will benefit their employees and stakeholders, CDC’s Environmental Permits Division (EPD) weaves-in natural elements into their work domain by setting-up an environmental library. 

Inspired by the concept of the Asian Development Bank’s library, CDC-EPD Manager Rogelio Magat and his staff pushed for the creation of the said facility. 

Magat mentioned that the library is not only intended for its employees but it also welcome researchers and trainees who would like to expand their knowledge about environmental developments and concepts. Small group meetings and technical conferences are also being conducted in the area. 

“The idea behind this environmental library is for the researchers to have a place to do their thing and the concept for this library is adapted from the ADB library. This is also based on new developments and environmental concepts. It’s also a very good place when we conduct technical conferences and meetings,” he said. 

The library’s over-all design and impression features an eco-friendly atmosphere complemented by green elements that make you feel productive while you appreciate more about nature. 

Books, laptops and other reference materials donated by ADB were also made available in the library.

Aside from this, Magat said that apart from the facility’s unconventional setting, furnishes such as tables and chairs used in the area were made from interesting materials. 

“The table here was made from recovered wood. It came from devastated and damaged trees in Clark and was made from acacia trees. CDC was able to save and did not spend on this. We just requested one of our volunteers to donate this to us,” he added. 

Magat also mentioned that the eco-friendly facility is not only a work hub but it is also instrumental in promoting their advocacies on environmental preservation and sustainable development. 

“This is a good place to discuss things and aside from that, through this library, we can also share advocacies and presentations related to the environment,” he said.


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