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Bishop gives message to ponder for New Year


BALANGA CITY — The bishop of the Diocese of Balanga on Saturday imparted three points to ponder for one’s New Year to be prosperous and blessed.

Bishop Ruperto Santos said that we want and greet others “Prosperous and Blessed New Year” before and during the turn of another year.

To attain this, he said, we must remember these things – to be hard-working, to maintain honest living and to help one another.

“We must be a hard-worker, truthful and share our blessings especially to victims of calamities,” the prelate said. “Tandaan nating lahat ito upang lalong makatanggap ng pagpapala ng Diyos.”

In another development, the bishop said it was a challenge to be a hero like our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal whose martyrdom was celebrated Saturday and the overseas Filipino workers described as modern-day heroes.

“Reflecting with our OFWs, it is to be honest with our works, to excel in all our endeavors, to be resilient amidst problems and to be obedient to authorities. These are the qualities of our OFWs and to practice them, we are all living heroes,” the Bataan bishop said.


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