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Baninay Surprises SBJuan9, Alden, and KAIA’s Day with Exciting TM FunRewards Games and Daily Prizes!


In today’s fast-paced world, finding ways to add good vibes to our daily lives while staying mindful of our budget is important. TM FunRewards is here to help, offering daily rewards, exciting prizes, and fun games that bring joy to your life. Available only on the GlobeOne App, TM FunRewards turns ordinary days into opportunities for happiness and everyday wins.

Beyond the good vibes, TM FunRewards also helps manage financial challenges, making it easier to stretch your budget through chances to win reward points, and free mobile data and vouchers. It’s a simple and delightful way to brighten each day and enjoy rewards with your family and friends.

TM TeaMmates join in the fun

To show how easy it is to achieve everyday wins, Baninay visits TM Ambassadors SB19, The Juans, KAIA, and Alden Richards in their usual “tambayan” or hangout place where she challenged them and their teammates to play TM FunRewards-inspired games for a chance to win vouchers, free mobile data, rewards points and many more!

Watch how they worked as TeaM to win prizes and rewards at TM Tambayan’s YouTube page!

Fun Games, Fun Prizes

To experience the same good vibes that Baninay and the TM Ambassadors enjoyed with GlobeOne App, you can also play these TM FunRewards games while teaming up with your friends and family and win prizes such as rewards points, vouchers, and free mobile data.

TM customers receive one free playing ticket every day, but the fun doesn’t stop there! By registering to TM promos in the GlobeOne app such as EasySURF 99 Doble Freebie, you can earn 5 additional playing tickets and have the chance to win more prizes.

With four exciting games to choose from:

  • Spin A Wheel (Easy Game) – win instant prizes such points, vouchers, & mobile data by simply spinning the wheel to win!
  • TM Color Game (Easy Game) – Select one color. The goal is to match 3 blocks with the same chosen color to win prizes.
  • TM Ano Yarn?! Game (Leaderboard Game) – Select a category and guess the word using image clues within 30 seconds. The faster you guess the word, the higher your score! Only the Top 5 weekly winners will win 10 points!
  • TM TapTap Game (Leaderboard Game) – Every 8:00-9:00PM, tap to collect more coins & win! Only the Top 5 weekly winners will win 100 points!

Start playing today and enjoy funalo prizes; simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Download GlobeOne 
  2. Go to TM FunRewards and play the games
  3. To use rewards and prizes, tap “Redeem Rewards” and click “Join Now”

Gather your TeaMmates now and play #TMFunRewards! Because with TM, #TeaMTayo!



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