CDC execs, permanent staff mix own coffee, clean offices


    CLARK FREEPORT – Top executives and other permanent personnel of the government- owned Clark Development Corp. (CDC) are their own janitors and janitresses after the firm’s contract for manpower services expired without anybody thinking it was time to rebid such services.

    Some 200 janitorial workers from the Clark Manpower Corp. (CMC) found themselves jobless recently after their contract with CDC expired without conducting bidding for manpower services. CDC President-CEO Arthur Tugade could not be readily reached yesterday, but he was reportedly infuriated upon learning that the contract with CMC ended without any bidding being held for continuing services.

    “As punishment, he ordered that no bidding be held yet so that all CDC personnel would be without janitorial service for three months,” said a CDC employee who asked not to be quoted. Tugade announced the “punishment” during the flag ceremony two weeks ago.

    The source said that in the past, biddings were at times shelved by resorting to mere extension of services of the current provider of janitorial service. “But it seems that Tugade did not want this arrangement and wanted proper bidding in time for the end of the contract of the current holder of the services,” he added.

    At present, CDC personnel, except those who have secretaries, mix their own coffees, wash their own dishes, sweep or mop their office floors, and run errands pending another bidding and entry of a manpower service.

    Janitorial services at the CDC are usually provided by workers under contract with janitorial service firms.


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