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AC dad seeks reduced biz taxes


Angeles City councilor Amos B. Rivera. Contributed photo

ANGELES CITY – A city councilor here belonging to the minority bloc has made an impassioned appeal to his colleagues
to reduce business taxes and push through with the city hall parking building as the pandemic rages.

Councilor Amos B. Rivera also made a plea to Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin, Jr. to lower business taxes to help the business sector cope with their losses due to the pandemic.

“Since March and until now, we all know that most of the businesses here are affected by the pandemic,” Rivera said. “The economic situation has worsened not only here but worldwide. I fear that if we are not able to help the busines sector, another problem will arise and that is criminality.

“Busines establishments will be forced to close and many workers will be laid off their jobs. I can recall just recently when all of a sudden basag kotse gangs (car breaker gangs) struck simultaneously or almost at the same time in Angeles City and in the City of San Fernando almost daily. A couple of days ago a good friend of mine, his wife was in Nepo Mall and her bag was snatched and the snatcher used her credit card to buy medicines and formula milk,” he lamented.

“I appeal to the members of the council and to the mayor to reduce the imposition of business tax,” he said. “Para lang hindi sila magsara. Para lang hindi magtanggal ng empleyado.

Rivera noted that since January is “taxpayers’ month,” when taxpayers go to the city hall to renew their business permits and pay taxes, he noticed that there is no ample parking space available at the city hall grounds.

Most of them park some 300 to 500 meters away and, add to their inconvenience, still had to pay parking fees.


Parking building

“There is a need to continue the proposed parking building project so that Angelenos can use it especially at this time,” he said.

“We expect a massive turnout because of not only those who apply and renew their business permits and pay real property taxes but also because of the recently approved “Ease of Doing Business” since even barangay clearances now have to be paid at the city hall,” he explained.

Rivera noted that as early as April, 2019, the “notice to proceed” under the construction agreement was already forwarded and received by Bernardo P. Cruz,proprietor of BP Cruz Builders and Trading which won the bid for its construction.

“What I know is that since the previous administration, there was already an awarded funds of P65 million for the proposed three-storey parking building. I feel there is a need to continue with that project so that Angelenos can benefit from if at this time,” he said.


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