Wedding planners, suppliers come together for CLESA Gala


    CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – The Central Luzon Event Suppliers Association (CLESA) held its second CLESA Gala at the Kingsborough International Convention Center (KICC) here on Tuesday with wedding planners and suppliers representing different places in the region.

    The gala is centered on the “Renaissance era” to take everyone back in time from the rebirth of the industry into a diverse and talented community of individuals who share the same passion.

    Some 350 wedding planners and suppliers took part in the event and set the tone as everyone was dressed in accordance with the theme while moving around with grace in making new connections.

    Michele Montemayor of Mich Events at Work and one of the organizers of the event said, “This is a gathering of Central Luzon suppliers. We aim to meet the suppliers and get to know them, setting aside our being competitors and work hand in hand towards a common goal.”

    The event is also meant to help and assist the Children’s Home of Eucharistic Love and Kindness, a temporary home for orphaned and abandoned children, aiming to nurture and nourish the youngsters to become responsible members of the community.

    Hershey Mayrina of Candies and Themes and co-organizer of the event said, “This event is also intended to help and share our blessings to the less fortunate. It’s an association that we want everybody to have, a good camaraderie and to be united as one while at the same time helping the less fortunate.”

    She said parts of the proceeds will go to Children’s Home of Eucharistic Love and Kindness located in Xevera Bacolor, Pampanga where it rents four units.

    Mayrina disclosed that the Children’s Home is currently constructing a building in Barangay Margot, Angeles City that is why they still need some additional funds.

    Mayrina said CLESA is also selling t-shirts and part of the proceeds will go to the same charity organization.

    “We want to be consistent with what we do. It doesn’t stop here (gala night). We want to continue helping them. There will be feeding programs, simple assistance to help them,” she added.

    Meanwhile, the CLESA Gala also marked the association’s official announcement of its registration under the Securities and Exchange Commission and to formally welcome the attendees of the event as its members.

    Seminars with government institutions and trainings for different supplier categories will all be part of the association’s program to enhance our expertise and improve our craft, said Montemayor.

    The CLESA Gala was also held in honor of the late Aris Santos who spearheaded the association in 2015.


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