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Virtual Events in 2021


In light of the announcement of ECQ for 2021 in Metro Manila and MGCQ in Pampanga, we take another pause on face to face meetings and gatherings. It is time to reassess how we can make virtual meetings and events work to continue our celebrations. Fact is, we are surely feeling the “lockdown fever” and hope that these new guidelines could alleviate the situation we are facing now. As social creatures how does the pandemic affect us? how do we adapt?

We are quite privileged to be living in the digital age where technological advancements benefit us most during the pandemic. With just a click of the finger connections are possible and various information are spread enormously. Work from home situations are now deemed effective in which case most company events and gatherings have also transitioned virtually. ABRIE Events not only offers corporate virtual events, birthday and wedding livestream but can also curate social events via the online platform.

Our company has also turned 360 degrees when it comes to doing events from the usual face to face gatherings to the new normal – intimate gatherings or virtual but engaging is still possible. we just have to exercise our creativity – food bento boxes, event favors, online games and online performances. Though may be temporary, this current situation has made us gather in front of our screens, with our cameras and mics on. We are still in touch with our core to socialize and connect, allow ABRIE Events make this planning worthwhile, please message us for our packages.


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