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Remote Care Program for COVID-19 patients now available at TMC Clark


If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 but are found to be asymptomatic, or do not have any symptoms, you probably will not need to be admitted to the hospital. You will be told by the doctors to quarantine, rest at home and be monitored.

Such a service is now available at The Medical City (TMC) Clark. TMC Clark’s COVID-19 Remote Care program is a home-based recovery system for COVID-19 suspected and positive patients.

Through this program, TMC Clark aims to provide continuous care, convenience and safety and an innovative and compassionate approach to patients during this pandemic.The program is also aimed at decongesting hospitals so that patients with more serious manifestations of COVID-19 will be prioritized for admission.

“This program will allow the not so serious COVID-19 cases to get top of the line medical assistance in the comfort of their home,” said Dr. Almario G. Jabson, President and CEO of TMC Clark. “Through this program, we can also devote more of the hospital beds to COVID-19 patients who really need them.”

Patients can enjoy the following benefits if they avail of this program:

1. Enhanced patient-physician communication. Patients receive better care when they can quickly relay their needs. Time is of essence in this pandemic and through remote care, doctors can have updates about their patients any time, anywhere.
2. Reduction in use of PPEs. With remote monitoring, staff and patient exposure can be decreased. Less usage of PPEs also translates into less cost on the patient’smedical bill.
3. Urgent care, less contact. The program will allow TMC Clark staff and doctors to provide patients with urgent care without both parties having to worry about exposure to each other.  
4. Patients are more involved. When patients know about their status and their recovery progress, it creates peace of mind which further aids recovery. With remote care tracking and monitoring, they are constantly informed about their health condition.
5. Less hospital time. Through the remote care system, patients are still part of their doctor’s rounds and check-ins without being kept in the wards.

To avail of this remote care service, the patient will be assessed to see whether he needs to be hospitalized. If not, the doctor will recommend what kind of remote care and treatment approach the patient needs.

Once the patient agrees to be part of remote care, he will be enrolled in the recommended program and will be given instructions on how to use teleconsultation and who his assigned healthcare personnel will be for the duration of his recovery.

The COVID-19 Remote Care Program also covers laboratory and diagnostic procedures that a patient may need to undergo during his isolation period. As soon as the patient is enrolled in this program, TMC Clark will keep an eye on the patient throughout the program. Daily updates from teleconsultations will keep doctors and patient on track until recovery.

Should the patient require admission, the program will help facilitate his transfer to the hospital. However, the program is only available in certain areas because of restrictions imposed by certain local government units. It is best to call the program coordinator at TMC Clark to check if the program is available in your area.

The Remote Care Program is a program that TMC Clark developed together with its newest partner, Home Healthlink Innovations, Inc., a remote care solutions provider.

“We are working closely with Home Healthlinkto see where and how TMC Clark can continue to give the best care possible to our patients,” Dr. Jabson said.


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