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TRADOC, to work harder to become an instrument of transformation


(Major General Cornelio Valencia Jr assumes the post as new commander of the Army Training and Doctrine Command. – PIA 3)

CAMP O’DONNELL, Tarlac — Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) will work harder to become an instrument of transformation.

“To my predecessor Major General Roy De Mesa, we will take care and built upon the legacy that you leave behind and work harder to make TRADOC an instrument of transformation, now and in the future. The challenge of following in the footsteps of a visionary like Major De Mesa is not an easy one but it is a challenge I accept with the same enthusiasm and commitment that I had during my first commission. Then, as now, every assignment has been a challenge to contribute to the service. Then, as now, every new responsibility has been an opportunity to contribute to a stronger army and a better country,” newly-installed TRADOC Commander Major General Cornelio Valencia Jr said during the Change of Command Ceremony.

“TRADOC boast to be a force of the Philippine Army (PA) standards and  under my leadership, expect nothing less. We will give much importance in promoting PA’s education and training with the end goal of developing a system responsive and relevant to the needs of our personnel and units,” Valencia added.

In the coming days, TRADOC will come up with a more detailed plan on how it will accomplish its mission and how it will truly and effectively contribute to PA’s vision of becoming a world-class army and a source of national pride by 2028.

“As I paved on the leadership of TRADOC, I ask three things from the officers and unformed personnel and civilian employees of the command: An open mind, a diligent work ethic and a strong team spirit,” he furthered. – PIA 3


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