Toyota unveils all-new Hilux

    CLARK FREEPORT – The much awaited all-new Toyota Hilux pick-up was finally launched at the Fontana Convention Center here on Tuesday amid pomp and pageantry.

    Michinobu Sugata, president of Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), unveiled the new 8th generation Hilux with a different but more powerful diesel engine and classy interiors.

    Toyota’s premier pick-up, the Hilux, just got better, he said. It’s is no longer just a utility vehicle but it is now also a vehicle designed with comfort in mind for personal use.

    It’s more daring and definitely more powerful than ever before, he added.

    The Hilux was first introduced in the Philippines in 1993 and has since gained a loyal following, he said.

    Registering 56,417 units for 22 years now, this is a clear indication of how the Hilux has been loved by thousands of our customers and giving it the name “King of Pick-Ups,” Sugata said.

    “Its lasting design and its overall reliability has made the name Hilux unbreakable… due to its beautiful look and additional features that not only the current owners and hard core off-roaders will love,” he added.

    The all-new Hilux boasts of a powerful and sophisticated front design suggesting the look of a “next-generation” Pick-up truck. As seen in its combination of thick and thin lines all throughout, it achieves toughness without sacrificing refinement.

    Sugata said the new Hilux now carries the new signature Toyota look just like the Vios, 86, Altis and Camry which makes it even sportier.

    “As you step inside the vehicle, one can also immediately notice the perfect balance of style and function throughout the cabin asserting a newfound driving performance embodied by its new 2.8L Diesel GD engine that will surely handle any terrain,” he said.

    “It is gentle yet commanding. Delivered by the powertrain which carries an exceptional acceleration performance and improved fuel efficiency which demonstrates the Hilux’s versatility,” he added.

    Kenji Kurita, assistant chief mechanic, said the new Hilux engine is considerably quieter in practical usage conditions – vibrations and road noise are well suppressed even on rough terrain.

    Kurita, one of the brains behind the all-new Hilux, said the new generation Pick-up is “the car to beat in its segment because it is tougher, bolder and braver than you can imagine.”

    Toyota’s premier pick-up just got better, he added.

    On Wednesday, the new 4×4 Hilux was subjected to the elements at the Sacobia River where it proved its power on the lahar-choked riverbed, uneven terrain, on the slopes and even 80-degree angles and turns.

    TMP picked experienced professional drivers to drive the 4×4 pick-up in order to negotiate the extreme ride at Sacobia while members of the media were given the opportunity to drive the other Hilux variants like the 4×2 A/T and manual transmission models.

    Overall, the Hilux Pick-up is more comfortable and quieter even in rough terrain and definitely more powerful. For the Hilux it is truly seeing is believing.


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