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‘Tis the season


ONLY SAN Fernando.

Lo, and behold! An avenue of lanterns just off the expressway exit, instantly raising all the spirits of Christmases past into one joyful ever presence.

Enchanting, aye, that feeling of everyone’s Yuletide youth has come, even in late adulthood, to mean.

Bedazzling, as only the parul Sampernandu – of all the ornaments of the season – can truly bring. At the Heroes Hall, just off a stretch of the avenue, both young and old now delighting.

No white snow, no chestnuts in open fire, no Santa and his sleigh, no mistletoe, aye, not even the tree can compare to the Christmas spirit that the parul unfailingly brings. After all, it is the very symbol of the very reason for the season.

The Christmas Capital of the Philippines, indeed.


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