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The sound of healing


SOUND IS always present. You cannot touch it, but it can touch you.

Living in the mountain for many years and waking up in the morning to the delightful singing in unison of the birds nestled in trees is my everyday alarm clock. As I walked in my balcony, the sound of my gardener sweeping the fallen leaves off the grass while humming a rhythm that he only can understand makes me smile all the time. I recognized that this flow, contributes immensely to my calmness and peaceful approach to life’s circumstances. Starting your day in the right tone, is definitely one of the major keys to assure you of a good day.

Throughout my travels, one of the most unforgettable momentous experiences I ever had, was in Tibet. To witness the Tibetan, Mongolian, and Tuvan monkschant in ensemble with their extraordinary overtone vocal techniques called hoomi is a lifetime glory. The vibration from the vocal harmonics they emit transforms the listeners to openness and expanded awareness. You feel your wholeness being transited to a different dimension of existence, a feeling of getting lost in the unknown, yet euphoric, you feel at home.

Listening to the Gregorian chant music, soothes the soul. The same goes to the songs of praise during the Mass in Christian churches and temples. I used to play these hymns during my long road trips as my companion, which makes me feel energized and wonderful about everything.

Music indeed is therapeutic. It can make you heal. It enhances people’s physical, psychological and emotional systems. It lowers high blood pressure, betters brain memory, reduces muscle and mind tension, refines behavioral problems and is an excellent method to advance the rehabilitation period of recovering patients.

Four years ago, my dearest Japanese friend Hayashi Kazumichi, a bone setter doctor, had a major stroke. Tomoko, a harpist friend of his, played her harp three times a week for two hours while he was in the recovery facility unconscious. The music therapy sped up his healing process. His friend’s intention and music touched him so much, turned his depression to acceptance of the major changes in his life, inspired him to move on.

Few years back, a professional singer client of mine, confided to me that the reason why she started to singwas to ease her troubles and anxiety. Although she has many fans, she uses music more for herself than to please her audience. One day, she received a message from one of her followers, saying how she helped her go through her lonely journey after losing her husband, through her music. From then on, she uses her voice to help those who need some comforting and healing.

Long time ago in Nepal, the King and his royal family, utilized the authentic Newari Tibetan full moon singing bowls as their orthodox medicine to treat diseases. The set is composed of eight bowls in different sizes and weight, resonates individual vibration and forces. These unique and precious bowls are composed of 12 kinds of pure minerals and only made during the course of the full moon.  I took the diploma course on Tibetan sound healing from Sant, the one and only original surviving Newari singing bowl healer. I incorporate these treasures, in our existing holistic health courses. In my yoga classes, I employ it to alignthe chakras (spiritual centers) of my students. This way, they can keep their focus, clarity, and sustain their balance during the asanas (yoga poses). I also avail myself of it, whenever I needed that extra strength and empowerment.

Choosing the sound that surrounds us is as important as choosing the right company. Vibrant lively sounds kickup the enthusiasm and energetics. Metallic loud sounds create mental instability and cloudiness. Nature sound (like the wind gently passing through the leaves) invigorates the heart and refreshes. Natural instrumentsinspire and awaken creativity. Chants settle the soul and pacify the troubled minds. Silence enhances intuition, improves the brain health, relaxes the mind, unfolds the true self the path to samadhi.



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