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The silly walk meditation


Three nights ago, I had an on-line meditation and mindfulness class for a group of gorgeous and articulate successful entrepreneur ladies. You can visually tell the strength of everyone’s personality and confidence, with the way they presented themselves.

Part of the session is to share the reason why they are in my class and their expectations. Quietly I listened to their interesting stories, which was told in a serious manner and a dash of humor. It was a wonderful start.

Most of them opened their hearts while some struggled. It is not easy to reveal one’s personal issues openly to a group, especially to these inspirational strong women. Most concerns they deal with are family related and business – causing them stress – affecting job performance, economy, and relationships.

To make them relax, we did the basic mindfulness relaxation technique. I asked them to scan their bodies, from the top of the head to their feet, and if they find a part which is painful or tense, say soften three times, then say – soothe, soothe, soothe. This went on for 15 minutes.

After the practice, the atmosphere shifted to a calmer state. One exclaimed her surprise, that with a simple short program, the impact was immediately felt, and it could assist her tremendously whenever she needs to close big deals, because she feels usually anxious whenever she does it.

After which, I asked them to stand up, for we will do something silly. Their eyes glistened with excitement. The first stage was to walk naturally, minding how their feet touches the ground, hands sway, their speed rhythm.

The next stage was to walk going forward and back, walk side to side. I encouraged them to do dance moves while doing this, skip, jerk, turn, do anything that naturally comes to mind.

After which, I instructed them to walk like an elephant, they started walking very slow, giggling. Thereafter, they need to imitate the walk of a chicken, then, pig walk, after the dog, turtle – and combine it with sound. This brought the house down. Laughter and inhibitions started settling in.

The lioness walk was next. This part they really did it with gusto. They related to the lioness character quickly. Others even crawled pretending they have a prey, so they will not get noticed. It was delightful to watch them. Laughter echoed the whole time.

One announced with conviction, that maybe in her past life, she was a lioness and that she still is, but in a human form. All howled, agreeing to her statement.

The kangaroo walk followed. So, we started hopping around for 3 minutes. Jumping low first, then higher, then walking and hopping combined. The last stage was to choose any animal they want to copy.

The enjoyment while doing the silly walk obviously loosened up everyone, which was the goal. It brought out the child inside. The child who is vulnerable and does not mind be herself. She giggles, she cries, she daydreams, she whines, but she accepts herself as she is. The child who can easily forget, forgive, and let go.

Silly walk meditation takes your mind away from your current troubles and brings you back home. It gives the mind, time to rest and invites positive mood. When the mind is at peace and fresh, judgements are better, focus enhanced., creativity flourishes, health improves.

Try it with friends, your spouse, children or lock yourself in the room if you are shy and do it in front of the mirror. You can also use music or costumes if you want to be sillier.




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