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The Power of Mudras


MUDRAS HAVE been part of my daily meditation practice. Incorporating them in some of my asanas (yoga poses) is given. It assists me in my balance, focus, calm and deep smooth breaths.

Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means symbolic gestures or positions mostly performed by hands and fingers. It is traditionally used particularly by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists in their religious ceremonies, meditation, yoga, dance, and esoteric rituals.

I learned more than 30 kinds of mudras when I did my intensive yoga teacher training course in Yoga Darshanam School of Yoga in Mysore, India. My inspiring guru Santosh Kumar taught us the functions and significance of each of our fingers, and how our hand gestures affect our mindset and body system.

Each finger corresponds to an element. The thumb represents fire, the index finger is air, the middle finger is space, the ring finger is Earth, and the pinky is water.

Our fingertips are points of power that emit and influence energy. It connects us to the mystical cosmic power of the Universe and to all the prana around us. We can access unlimited and any kind of energies of our desire. With the right knowledge, focused intention, we can manifest just about anything that we aspire for.

Our hands and fingers have more power than what we can perceive. To learn its magical prowess, seek an experienced spiritual master and self-purify.

Nowadays, you can catch sight of mudra paintings in yoga studios, Ayurvedic centers, homes, and temples while beautiful statues of goddesses in different intricate mudra positions can be found in temples and puja rooms. They are believed to bring good fortune and great luck to people and space.

Each mudra has a meaning, purpose, and benefits. Some link the mind to the body, ease pain, improve brain function, better the circulatory system, soothe the respiratory condition, stimulate happy hormones, fire up vitality, encourage relaxation, open the inner awareness or third eye, among others.

Mantra utterance combined with a mudra to ward off evil spirits, stop danger for self and space purification, protection is a traditional practice in Buddhism and Jainism. They are unbelievably life changing, an absolute method that you can do for your self’s wellbeing.

Though all mudras are important, the most popular one in yoga is Chin mudra. Chin is derived from the Sanskrit word chitta (citta), which means mind or consciousness.

To perform, sit comfortably, rest your hands on top of your lap and close your eyes. Open your palms facing upwards, join the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb effortlessly together. Do this on both hands. Keep still and put your attention to the mudra. Stay for 5 minutes or longer. You may use this mudra during meditation, before bedtime, or anytime you want to put your mind to peace. Chin mudra reduces mental stress, corrects sleep disorder, induces tranquility, improves brain concentration and flow, and brightens mood.

Presently, teachers on mudras, energy, and counselling-related courses are emerging but the full potential results are not achieved. Why? During the course, most of these speakers center their topic on how to earn and profit from what you have learned. Instead of focusing on the heart of the intention of helping those who are unwell, the self-motive comes first. Indeed, disheartening.

Thereby, the person teaching and receiving it goes astray. According to my Jain guru, to put a spiritual practice for self-gain reflects one’s complete ignorance of the law of karma. Thus, these schools of thoughts should refrain from branding themselves in the name of the spirit, to avoid sufferings.

Learn more different mudras with its rewarding contribution in my next columns.



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