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The beauty of non-attachment


FOR THOUSANDS of years, Buddhist monks havebeen practicing detachment, by excluding themselves from the world, to avoid distractions and attachment to material things, people, events, places, experiences; to attain enlightenment and become like Buddha, their enlightened spiritual inspiration.

Teacher Pasang, of the Kopan Monastery of the Dalai Lama in Kathmandu, Nepal, is my first Buddhism teacher. Under the shade of the beautiful Bodhi trees in the garden of the monastery, with his calm, soothing voice, he disclosed the law of nature and karma. He said we should always be mindful and aware of our daily choices in life, for it is so easy to get blinded and get attached to the glittering lights of falsehood, thinking it will give us long lasting happiness. Instead, it leads us to endless sufferings and danger.

My second Buddhist teacher is Ngawang Jigdral, a Tulku (reincarnated lama), who belongs to Nyingmaya Buddhist sect, schooled in Takse Monastery in Sikkim and the head lama of Pema Namdiding monastery in Kharikhala, Everest region, Nepal, of which I am a lucky life member.

According to Tulku, it is important to exercise and live with compassion at all times. Only then Ahimsa (nonviolence) is possible. That compassion leads to the light of purification while ahimsa gives peace to the world and to the self. Be kind and happy, opt for a simple quiet way of living. Peace of mind is essential to all creations, hence, by being peaceful you give peace to the whole.

I asked Father Archie Cortez, the head friar and founder of Monasterio de Tarlac, in San Jose, Tarlac, about his spiritual insight on the subject. He saideverything in this world is temporary. From there we should realize that we shouldn’t be attached to anything, for everything is impermanent. We should focus on something that lasts. To deny ourselves, we should seek first the kingdom of God. What is the use of gaining the whole world if you lose your own soul. Attachment causes conflicts and un-contentment, it hinders spiritual growth.

Is it possible to live without attachment?

Non- attachment is the ability to detach yourself from the things or situations that you cannot control but affect you in many ways,

You can love someone without being attached and dependent, knowing that even the heights of love change. Obsession and neediness are the opposite of love. They give birth to insecurity, anger and disappointments. Love should be free and flowing to make it grow.

Being non-attached in love or anything means not clinging to any expectations or experience and to spontaneously let go of the unpleasant feelings that cause unhappiness and mental disturbances. By discovering the spiritual law of nature and with the spiritual intelligence applied, the true essence of all is fulfilled.

To achieve the detachment state of consciousness, a regular prayer or meditation is the path, for it gives strength in faith and empowers self-discipline. Only then will the staircase to eternal bliss get known and the seekers will seek no more.

OM Samadhi.



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