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Take the risk to be true


OSHO TAPOBAN is a famous retreat center to the seekers of spirituality, truth, quiet, peace and wisdom. Diverse people from different parts of the world flock to experience the extraordinary universe that Osho has created in Nepal. The place is perfectly nestled in the middle of a forest in Kathmandu, a perfect setting for what it offers. Its lustrous greens, pretty blooms, serene and happy atmosphere, add beauty to the whole, but the sensational Acharya Rajneesh Bhagwan popularly known as Osho is impossible to overshine.

Swami Anand Arun, the successor of Osho

On the day of my arrival in the center, I immediately noticed the warmth and friendliness of the people who work there. They gladly showed me around and briefed me about the rules while inside the camp.

During daytime, all attendees should wear maroon  robes and white at nighttime. If you don’t own one, you can buy in their shop. I felt excited for it was my first time to attend Osho’s retreat. I have been dreading for it with my friend Jaime Licauco, who unfortunately because of his physical limitation, wasn’t allowed to take long trips and engage in rigorous activities.

The daily program starts at 7 in the morning for silence and pranayama meditation. You have the choice to do this in your room or in the hall, sitting. After an hour, all attendees are called to gather at the function room for the dynamic meditation. True to its name, fast breathing, hoo sound shouting, screams, laughter, hand gestures, while in standing position, all come into play. Afterwards, quietude follows suit, ending the round with an inner flow dance.

Vegetarian breakfast is exquisitely prepared on the other side of the hill after. I choose a corner quiet spot table, overlooking the endless treats of greens. savoring each bite, while being serenaded by wondrous sounds coming from the creatures living in the woods.

Leisurely I head back to my room to refresh and proceed to the main hall for the Nadabrahma meditation for 60 minutes. A simple meditation that uses chants and slow hand action in sitting position.

Peace and Light

Teatime is served in the afternoon, which I skip, so I could wander around the venue. Quotes of Osho that touched many people’s lives are posted in each curb of the trail. My walk turns meditative, that each step becomes lighter and lighter, almost felt like a levitation.

At five in the afternoon the potent kundalini meditation takes place. Kundalini meditation is not the typical meditation, whereas you sit and keep still. It is a very active form of meditation and lasts for 60 minutes. It has 4 stages: 15 minutes of shaking of feet and upper body, 15 minutes of free flow dance according to what your body dictates. Shaking, dancing, jumping, crawling, are normal to see during this time. As the music slowly fades away, you are instructed to sit in quiet for 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes, you will be asked to lie down in a sleeping pose or savasana.

The session creates high energy, liberates all body tensions, and melts inhibitions. It makes you feel alive once more – free from the conditions and limitations you set for yourself. Kundalini is the first chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. The seat of energy that sustains the life force. When this is blocked, feeling of insecurity, instability, low self-confidence, lack of safety and poor energy are experienced.

The bell rings to call for dinner. Everybody rushes to the dining space in high spirits. The atmosphere is full of jolliness, serenity, and lovely glowing faces. Am I dreaming? Silently I thought.

Gurus from India

We all go to our accommodation spots right after to shower and change to our white robes for the Satsang (a gathering to listen to a spiritual talk from an enlightened guru). The spacious room is dark when I enter. In the center is a huge video showing the enigmatic sensational OSHO. The man that could undeniably captivate your soul without trying.

He instantly captures my attention when he goes to the topic about happiness. He discloses that the first step to be happy is to know yourself. The second is to be true to yourself. The third is not to fear of not being accepted for who you are. Take the risk to be true, says he. Otherwise, you will keep on carrying an image that your parents thought that was good for you or to please others or pressure from the norm that society has set for all. This culture creates an absolute disaster, that leads to anger, violence, greed, failure, sadness, depression, blindness, suicide. To act against your true nature and ignore your unique self to gain the world is the greatest sin that any man can inflict upon himself.

The messages of the declared Godman by his followers bare the soul and touch the human side which a lot try to ignore or hide for it is thought as a weakness. How I wish I met Acharya Rajneesh Bhagwan (Osho) when he was still in flesh. Swami Anand Arun his successor is charming and full of wisdom, but Osho’s enchanting magic is from the heavens.

I slept so well after a longtime that night. My endless pulses of gratitude to the Godman of Tapoban.




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