SM Coffee Fest 2019 highlights Filipino Coffee Culture


    (Mr. Ivhan Areola, Barista Trainer of Galley Academy of Experts on Coffee Appreciations Workshop and a few brewer demonstrations.)

    SM City Tarlac and all SM Malls nationwide conducts Coffee Festival from September 13 to 29 to highlight the rising coffee culture in the Philippines.

    “This year’s Coffee and Chill campaign aims to celebrate Filipino’s continuing love affair with this beautiful little bean with various promos and activities that will show our appreciation for coffee”, said Ms. Darlene Salunga, Marketing Officer and the project head of the said activation in SM City Tarlac.

    (The audience are all smiles as they learn from the barista contestants with their live demonstrations.)

    The mall had a festive Coffee Hangout Pop Up Weekend where coffee shop brands were featured and gathered in a curated and artsy weekend fair where Tarlaqueño coffee enthusiasts bonded over delicious drinks and desserts. The said fair also brought together all the trendiest coffee and café joints under one festival roof to highlight the best of coffee culture in the mall.

    SM City Tarlac included an interactive space where larger-than-life centerpieces, lighted installations and instagrammable setups were featured as a photo spot. There was also Coffee House Blends which showcased a coffee house music featuring live performance of local indie acoustic last September 13-15, 20-22 and 27-29.

    (Our favorite latte isn’t just a drink but a distinctive form of art expression.)

    Mr. Ivhan Areola, Barista Trainer of Galley Academy of Experts was also invited for Coffee Appreciations Workshop and to showcase 3rd and 4th Wave Coffee Brewer demonstrations. He provided tips and basic knowledge on brewing machines, tools and methods.

    (Barista contestants are given the chance to explain their method of brewing and/or doing their latte art for audience awareness and appreciation.)

    One of the highlights of the coffee festival was the Barista Battle 2019 – a coffee making contest amongst the best baristas in the city. The competition was open to all Filipino Coffee enthusiasts, home brewer, or baristas in the city, between the ages 18 to 30. The baristas competed for Coffee Brewing Battle, a competition on taste highlighting skills in coffee brewing using two brewing techniques/method – French Press and Aeropress – using the provided equipment during competition proper, and/or from participants own set of equipment. There was also Coffee Latte Art Battle, a competition on aesthetics showcasing skills in making coffee with an espresso machine and then creating art using Latte.

    With today’s generation, coffee has not only become a part of our morning ritual, but an everyday anytime routine. SM continues to support the prevalence of this culture as bonding over coffee has always had that interconnection with deeper bonding and fonder conversation.


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