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Sip and purr
Cat cafe with pet grooming salon to open in December


ANGELES CITY – While we try to keep the cat in the bag a little longer, allow us to share with you a few more meows.

A pet-friendly cat cafe with a pet grooming salon is about to give you something to sip and purr. Meow another!

La Princesa is getting ready to open their doors and welcome you with their friendly felines from British Shorthairs, Scottish Folds, Maine Coons, Sphynxes, and a Bengal golden rosette that will be playing around at the cat area.

La Princesa will offer pet pampering packages for your fur babies such as a full grooming service, deep cleaning shampoo and blowdry, special fur trimming and cutting, dematting, nail trim and filing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and eye and mouth wash for small, medium, and large breeds specifically for cats and dogs.

The cat area will also have a few pet supplies and treats available for purchase.

Setting up a little something to offer for everyone, the cat cafe will have its selection of coffee and non-coffee based drinks with a few snacks and pastries on the side.

Standing secretly at the heart of this city, there is something to look forward to for pets and pet lovers alike this December.



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