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Schneider Electric urges PH data centers to implement smart and sustainable solutions to minimize energy consumption

Schneider Electric recently gathered leaders in the data center industry for a roundtable discussion on how data centers can accelerate energy transition and a golf match at Manila South Woods Golf and Country Club, Cavite.

Manila, Philippines – Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and digital automation, underscores the importance of a green approach to data center design and operations to future-proof operations and lessen carbon emissions. This will make the industry more sustainable and resilient to growing demands.

The company recently gathered data center industry players to discuss today’s data landscape and challenges in an event called Power Up: Fuel Your Path For Success.

Uptime Institute, an international research organization on global data centers, estimated a 500% growth in data generated from 2019-2025 all over the world. As its operations are energy-intensive, the data center industry is estimated to account for 1% of global electricity consumption.

“Data centers have become integral to our rapidly growing internet economy. The need to transition to sustainable operations has become more pronounced,” said Carlos Leviste, Business Development and Marketing Director at Schneider Electric Philippines. He added that industries have previously leaned heavily on fuel alone to run their operations. As data center facilities are energy-intensive, data centers play a pivotal role in sustainability. The most efficient way would be to shift to electricity and digital.

However, there is a growing preference across industries for maximizing energy management systems and digital tools, which not only drive operational efficiency but also promote sustainability. Data centers, equipped with smarter operations, can optimize costs, speed, and capital to prepare them for future technological integrations and risk mitigation.

Schneider Electric is at the forefront of this advancement with its extensive suite of digital solutions to improve the efficiency and sustainability of data centers. For instance, APC, Schneider Electric’s flagship brand, offer high-efficiency uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), cooling units, and monitoring systems to foresee any unwanted downtime within the data centers and pinpoint inefficiencies to their operations.

In particular, the oil-free cooling centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings chiller systems that Schneider Electric utilizes allows data centers to consume power more efficiently and sustainably.

Similarly, Schneider Electric provides renewable Power & Grid solutions that can help produce electricity sustainably to fuel data center facilities’ increasing needs.

“Through these solutions, data center facilities can reduce operational costs in design and engineering, function using grid-compliant assets and software with reduced cybersecurity risks and ensure proactive maintenance of assets to maintain optimum uninterrupted performance,” said Sara El Fanidi, Power and Grid Sales Leader of Schneider Electric APAC.

Furthering its commitment to sustainable digital transformation, Schneider Electric has also introduced new industry certifications within its EcoXpert™ Partner Program. These certifications are aimed at empowering partners to become trusted advisors on Data Center and Critical Infrastructure solutions, ensuring data centers are not only efficient and resilient but also sustainable.

By harnessing the power of digital transformation and connected infrastructure, Schneider Electric is setting a new standard for data centers — one that prioritizes sustainability, reliability, efficiency, and resilience in the face of rapidly changing demands.


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