R’s in politics too

    REDUCE. REUSE. Recycle. The three R’s of environmental preservation are not exclusive to green warriors. The operative terms have their own good use in politics too. Especially Pampanga politics, this from an astute(?) politician’s perspective.

    Reduce. From being President of the Republic, Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is reportedly eyeing the much-reduced position of representative of Pampanga’s second district.

    So it followed – so reportedly he himself reasoned out – that Senator Lito Lapid is now bent in running for the reduced post of Pampanga governor. This, after the senator utterly failed to reduce himself to Makati mayor. No thanks to Jejomar “Obama” Binay now puffing himself up for the presidential post.

    His own mommie dearest easing him out of his niche, Congressman Mikey Macapagal-Arroyo can reduce himself to the vice gubernatorial post, tandemming with Lapid, but of course. A repeat of 2001 – ah, there is your recycle – so what else is new?

    Vice Governor Yeng Guiao will have to reduce himself to first district board member, again a redux of 2001.

    And where will that leave gubernatorial timber, three-term Lubao Mayor Dennis Pineda? Well, he can reduce himself to second district board member. The way Sta. Rita’s Art Salalila and Sasmuan’s Cinderella, Catalina Bagasina, did in 2007.

    Vice-governor can-be, three term Bacolor Mayor Buddy Dungca can do the same reduction with a sangguniang panlalawigan slot for the third district.

    Reuse. City of San Fernando Mayor Oscar S. Rodriguez, who is being strongly pushed to go for the governorship, will have better use staying in his post. If only to guarantee the continuity of the very, very, very good things he has done, he is still doing, and will still do for the capital city.

    Ditto Congressman Dong Gonzales, also a very viable gubernatorial timber. If only to guarantee the billion-peso mini-Marshall Plan for Bacolor will be fully implemented and the lahar-devastated town fully restored to its old glory as the “Athens of Pampanga.”

    If ain’t broke why fix it? So shall be politically reused too are 1st District Congressman Tarzan Lazatin and the 4th District’s Anna York P. Bondoc-Sagum. Weep, Mr. Shooli’s Kuhol. Wail, BM Ric Yabut.

    Recycle. Pampanga’s Beloved Baby, Lilia G. Pineda will be recycled to her previous post of Lubao mayor.

    Absolutely, no opposition there.

    So how do you deal with the most critical point in the Pampanga political equilibrium?

    Governor Eddie T. Panlilio can be recycled to the priesthood, a full recycling even as parish priest of Betis.

    Absolutely no opposition there from Archbishop Paciano B. Aniceto and Bishops Pablo Virgilio David and Roberto Mallari who – in the words of Panlilio – have been earnestly asking for his recycling, er, return to the ministry.

    Possible opposition there though from putative administrator Atty. Vivian Dabu. Who may be forced to run for governor – as she said in the Galing Pook Awards interviews – if only to sustain the quarry collection, no matter how dwindled.

    Vehement opposition there from tapa and tocino magnate Madame Lolita Hizon who has deemed Panlilio “unfit” for the priesthood – pending his taking some DNA test for some paternity issues, the Madame holds – as well as the governorship – for reasons given in the petition for his recall.

    Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. So it’s all there, for the political peace and quiet of Pampanga. At least In the scenario of a movie in the mind of the Bida ng Masa. So his factotum, and he himself, supposedly intimated to a number of political leaders lately.  

    A scheme so grand in bida-centered fantasy that it can only be dealt with most definitively – in keeping with our R’s – one more environmental term – Refuse. In all its dictionary meanings: (n) discarded as useless and worthless, garbage, trash; (v) to decline, to reject, to negate.


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